This Guy Has 1,497! — How Many Credit Cards Do You Need?

ABC News reports that Walter Cavanagh has 1,497 credit cards, with a total credit line of $ million. Sometime in the late 1960s he and a friend bet a dinner on who could get the most cards by year's end. Cavanagh won with 143, and then he continued with his new hobby (obsession?). By 1971, and every year since, he's…
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Does a Higher Price Mean Higher Quality?

When my wife and I had new friends over for dinner they brought wine that costs about $16 per bottle. Since we normally buy wine for $3 to $6 I looked forward to popping the cork on their gift. Sadly, it was worse than our usual cheap stuff. Apparently our experience is not unusual. One study involving 6,000 blind tastings of wines…
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Coin Mining on a Larger Scale

I've written about coin roll hunting before, and my post on penny hoarding a few weeks ago covered my own little experiments. Those are both about small-time coin mining, an expression that refers to searching circulating coins for higher-than-face-value finds. But there are big time players doing this. In fact, when Dan Snyderman of CC Enterprises LLC saw my penny…
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