Cartoonist Jim Hunt - An Interview


Jim Hunt says that although he went to the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, he learned to draw cartoons years before that, on his notebooks in the classroom. He had his first cartoon published in 1989, and from there build a career of cartooning for clients such as FOX Sports, MAD Magazine, Hershey's, HBO, Eastman Kodak and NASCAR. I asked him about the nature of the work, and what motivated him to get into this field.

How did you get started as a cartoonist, and when did you first know that you wanted to do this?

After I graduated college I was a bartender and liked to draw on the cocktail napkins for customers. At one point my boss said to me, "you should be a cartoonist, because you certainly don't pour enough drinks!"

How long was it after you graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art before you were making a living from your art?

I wasn't a full-time professional until 1989... So five years after college.

Do you know cartoonists who have managed to succeed without the college degree?

Not personally no. But I'm sure there are plenty. In fact, my degree is in Art Education, not illustration.

Do you make more money from cartoons or from designing logos, and what other kinds of work do you do?

I work in a variety of areas including, cartoon maps, children's books, editorial cartoons, t-shirt designs. Anything where a cartoon is called for.

I understand that you are pretty disciplined when it comes to your art; that you get up early and get to work every day even though you work at home much of the time. How important do you think that routine and discipline is to your success?


After doing this for many years now, do you still enjoy the work most of the time?

I love my job. Each day is different from the next. The variety of projects and clients makes it fun.

What advice can you offer to those who would like to become a cartoonist or otherwise use their artistic abilities to make a living?

How well you draw is important. How well you market your work is equally as important. And being "professional" isn't just a title. It's how you carry yourself. Doing the job right. Being easy to work with etc. That's what clients are looking for.

You can see samples of Jim's work at his website:

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