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By Eric Hammer

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This is definitely one of the most unusual ways to make money, but it makes sense that there is a market for this. In essence, the job involves doing a cemetery visit in exchange for money. What you would do is to arrange to visit the graves of a loved one for someone else who happens to live far away. You would then leave flowers and or make sure the grave is properly cleaned off so that the person can feel a sense of peace that their loved ones are being looked after.

This is becoming a very popular thing today as we become a more mobile society. This means that more people than ever may live in a city other than their parents. The problem is that when people live in another city, they often can't get home to see their parent's graves very often and as such feel guilty that the graves are abandoned. By offering to do cemetery visits, you can provide comfort to these people.

How Much Can You Make?

There is no set amount for people to earn money from doing this work, however, one woman who was written up in the New York Times makes $25 for each visit she does, meaning that there is some reasonable money to be made from this work.

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Keep in mind that you must be respectful at all times and properly somber when dealing with clients. This is rarely a job which will entail working for someone and will instead of necessity be a job which involves doing advertising on your own.

You may also be able to make more money if you are a member of a religious sect as many people would like to have prayers said over the graves of their loved ones. In fact, in Judaism, there is a cottage industry where people are paid to say Kaddish, the prayer for the dead on the day of a person's death if there is no one available to do so. Offering to recite psalms or to say a prayer for the dead from your religion then can often be a good way to make even more money from your cemetery visit.

Qualifications / Requirements

The single most important qualification you'll need in order to make money for doing a cemetery visit is empathy. You need to be able to empathize with people who feel guilty about not being able to make it to their loved one's graves and are therefore forced to hire an intermediary. It is important as well to have the ability to accept payments online. This can generally be done by using PayPal.

First Steps

Start by preparing advertising which you may offer at local funeral homes and other venues where people might see it. Consider as well starting a website where you offer your services professionally. Remember to always take a picture of the gravesite to show that you were there.


Check out these helpful resources to learn more about making money for doing a cemetery visit.

New York Times: Woman Visits Graves for Payment - An article from the New York Times detailing this rather unusual service.

Say Kaddish -A website which, while not specifically about making money from a cemetery visit is all about making money saying prayers for the dead (in this case, the Jewish prayer for the dead).

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