Some Good Businesses

This is where you'll find some good businesses that didn't fit in the other sections. Don't forget those other's though. There are pages about businesses with good potential in almost every index, and you can find all section index pages listed on the home page.

What constitutes a good business? It certainly something different for each person, but for the purposes of this site the bias is toward those that don't take a million dollars in capital nor years to turn a profit, and are possible for the average person to start and run. Some of the ones covered here can be started part-time with a hundred dollars or less.

The Good Businesses Pages

Make $50 per Hour as a Tutor - And you might not need a degree!

Interesting Furniture Businesses - Start these with less than a thousand dollars.

Creative Businesses - A few examples t get you thinking.

Creative Businesses - Why do you put messages backwards on t-shirts? Go check it out.

Be a Home Organizer - You can sometimes find employment in this area, but there is better money in starting your own business.

Military Surplus Businesses - Examples of companies that have made it big in this industry.

Be an Antiques Dealer - If you love history and historical things, this is the business for you.

Buy a Business - A look at why this can be better than building one from scratch.

Financial Analyst - Decent pay as an employee, but potentially great pay as a business.

Become a Rug Dealer - Buy and sell expensive rugs for big profits.

Buy a DVD Kiosk Franchise - What it takes and what you might make with this small business.

Barbecue Cleaning Business - A relatively simple business, which can be run full or part-time from home.

Start a Creative Restaurant - Uniqueness can be profitable, even in the restaurant industry.

Street Vending in the Philippines - But don't bother to do the selling yourself, as the author of this page explains.

Fish Tank Cleaning Business - Cheap to start, low overhead, and good revenue potential in larger cities.

Start a Senior Services Business - An aging population makes this a good businesses to consider.

Bathroom Advertising Business - Providing us something to read when standing at the urinal.

How to be a Concert Promoter - Hard to get started, but this can be a good business.

How to Become a Taxidermist - Hunters like making the things they kill look alive again.

Home Insurance Inventory Service - This is a low-cost business to start, and simple to run.

Start a House Staging Business - Make a home look good with a few well-placed items...

How to Start a Referral Business - Help connect customers with your clients and collect a fee.

Start a Dentist Supply and Repair Business - The competition may not be that tough in this niche.

How to Become a Business Broker - You can make a lot providing this valuable service.

Become a Health and Wellness Coach - Help people attain their goals in regards to their conditioning and health.

Start a Document Shredding Business - These are becoming big businesses thanks to privacy concerns.

Starting a Campground Business - You get to work outdoors and possibly have a season off every year.

A Parking Lot Business - It can be done several ways, depending on your location and resources.

Start a Gum Removal Business - There will always be a demand for this service.

Make Money with a Bathroom Cleaning Service - The competition may be scared away.

A Car Consultant? - There are a couple ways to help people get the best car for them at a fair price.

Selling Hot Tamales - You can start at home and build your business from there.

Start a Bicycle Repair Business - There are ways to start cheap too.

Gutter Cleaning Business - Work outdoors and start with a minimal investment.

How to Be a DJ - A look at how to be a DJ for parties and events, and how to make it into a bigger business.

A Resume Submission Service - Making money helping people find jobs.

The Business of Street Vending - How to get started and make a living selling things on the street.

Selling Discount Cards - One of the things I look for in order to include a venture in this section of good businesses, is low startup costs. This is one that can be started with a thousand dollars or less.

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Good Businesses?

What constitutes a good business? There are the strictly financial measures, such as profit margins and return on invested equity. But there are other considerations as well, starting with your own skills and interests. You are more likely to do well in an area that is suited to your particular personality and abilities. And you will more easily maintain the perseverance and commitment necessary for success if you are working at something you enjoy.



Working at jobs is the selling of ones labor, and as such, is a business. Seen in this way, you look at how you can run your business better, rather than complaining about the conditions of employment. - Steven Scott

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