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Most of the snow shoveling jobs I had when I was younger were supplied by family and friends, so I might not have made top dollar for my efforts. But assuming that you live in an area that gets snow and it is winter as you read this, you might have some cash in your pocket this week in a business than requires an investment of less than $20. In fact, if you're in a really desperate situation, you could use the customer's shovel or borrow one from a friend until you can buy your own. Startup cost: $0.

Though not something you'll want to do for too long, snow shoveling jobs will keep you in shape and allow you to work outdoors--not bad benefits. You really can start simply too, just going door-to-door after a snowfall and offering your services.

How Much Can You Make?

If you are strong and can work fast, you'll make more money, because people prefer to have a set price for a job rather than paying you hourly. After a few jobs you'll get better at estimating your time. At that point you should aim for $20 per hour. If you determine that your customer's short driveway and sidewalk will take you 40 minutes or less to clean up, round it off to 45 minutes and ask for $15. Keep in mind that you are not being paid for the time traveling from job-to-job, so even at $20 per hour your net at the end of the day could be between $10 and $17 per hour for the time you spent.

Do seven jobs at an average of $20 each and you'll be worn out, but you'll have made $140 for the day.

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Target easy jobs that are close together and you can make more money. For example, nobody expects to pay less than $10 for any snow shoveling job, so a townhouse complex can be ideal. If there is only a front patio and sidewalk to shovel for each, you might do 20 of them in ten minutes each and make $200 in less than 4 hours.

Buy a push broom and use it for fast cleanup of light snowfalls. You can also offer a more meticulous cleaning for a higher price, sweeping after you shovel. A push broom is ideal for doing a wooden deck that might be damaged by a shovel as well.

If you decide you like the work (or at least the instant cash), spend $25 to have some basic business cards printed up, so your customers can call you when they have more work.

Qualifications / Requirements

You need a shovel and a good back.

First Steps

Buy a shovel or two. Knock on a door or approach elderly folks who are struggling to clear their driveways. After a few snow shoveling jobs you should be able to estimate your time better.

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