Fast Ways to Make Money

The pages in this section cover fast ways to make money. I'm defining fast as up to two weeks before you get the cash, but you'll find some methods that can raise cash in two hours or less as well. There will new additions here regularly. And although the term "make money" is used, some of the content will be about ways to raise cash quickly through credit cards and other means, which, strictly speaking, are not about "making" but about "getting" money fast.

Also, because I like to limit the repeats in these section indexes to just those pages which very clearly fit in more than one category, there are some ways to make money fast on the site that are not linked to here. The ones that are mostly speculative ideas, for example, are listed on the page Money Making Ideas, and there are some quick ways covered in the Odd Ways to Make Money section as well. So you might want to check those out after you peruse the following pages.

The Fast Ways to Make Money Pages

My Surrogate Jury Experience - I arrived at 7: 00 in the morning, and left with a check for $150 at 5:00 that afternoon...

Finding Cash Jobs - Some suggestions and a true story from our writer in New Zealand.

Buy and Sell Used Cars - How much you can make and how to do it fast. I even look at how you can start with no money of your own.

Recycling Metals for Profit - This can be a quick cash solution or the start of a million-dollar operation.

Selling Hair - It takes time to grow, but if it's long already you can cash in fast.

Ticket Scalping - No more standing around outside the stadium or concert venue to make a few dollars...

How to Sell Your Stuff - Either quickly, for more money - or both!

How to Donate Blood for Money - Get paid today if you qualify, and for jut an hour of your time.

Coin Roll Hunting - Looking for old silver and rare coins in rolls bought from banks can make you a profit fast, but it isn't likely.

Phone Book Delivery Jobs - Although same-day cash payment is no longer common, these jobs do typically pay at the end of the week.

Bar Bets for Fast Cash - A couple small-money examples and some ideas for how to make more.

Using a Temp Agency - When you need a job this week, and anything will do...

How to Make Money in an Hour - More than a dozen different ways--one of them will work for you.

A Business Project Example - Some of the short-term money makers described here take less than two weeks.

Creative Money Projects - Perhaps better described as creative marketing projects, some of these can be done quickly.

Make Money as a Street Musician - With a voice, guitar, or harmonica, you can make money today.

Selling Attic Treasures - Instant cash for the stuff in your attic (or those of family and friends).

How to Party for Profit - House parties and other options for making money this week or next.

Successful Garage Sales - A quick way to turn your things into cash, and a possible business as well.

Make More Money From Your Job - The suggestions in this article qualify as fast ways if you're paid weekly.

Collecting and Selling Common Wildflowers - This is an idea that has not really been tested to my knowledge.

Making Tips Without a Job - Instant cash from waiting on customers--without being hired.

Snow Shoveling Jobs - Fast ways to make money? How about starting a business today with less than $20, and getting paid cash by this evening?

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Fast Ways to Make Money...

Even if you do not need to make money quickly right now, there may come a time when it becomes a necessity. Be prepared by developing good credit, setting aside some extra cash, and learning about a few fast ways that are most likely to work for you. These preparations will make it easier to move quickly if you find yourself in a situation where you need to raise money quickly.

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