Some Good Jobs to Have

There are certainly some pages on good jobs in the other sections, but the ones that don't fit there are listed below. What constitutes a good job? Well, it is my judgment call for this website, but my bias is towards those that are a little easier to get into than others (no write-ups on how to become a theoretical physicist here). Also, if a job does not pay well, I will still include it if it provides an opportunity to advance to better positions or if it is ideal for learning the ropes before starting your own business in the same field.

Be sure to also check out the section on Fun Jobs and Interesting Jobs, since they can be good ones to have as well. And see the note at the bottom of this page if you want to share you experiences with your own job.

The Good Jobs Pages

Working at a Brew Pub - What's different about working in a brew pub?

Be a Home Theater Installer - A good job for the technically inclined.

Be an Au Pair - If you don't mind caring for children, this could be the job for you.

How to Become a Cardiologist - What it takes to be one of the highest-paid doctors.

Be a School Nurse - Less hectic than hospital work, and the demand is high.

How to Become a Laboratory Scientist - Not too glamorous, but if you're curious...

How to Become a Cook - A survival job; cooks can almost always find a position.

How to Be a Court Reporter - Tedious and a serious responsibility, but the pay is decent.

How to Be an Aircraft Mechanic - Good pay; a look at some related positions too.

Professional Tobacco Curing - Decent pay for a job few people consider.

How to Become a Judge - The three basic routes and how much you can make.

Become a Professional Buyer - A decent profession if you know how to buy smart.

What Does a Probation Officer Do? - And how much are they paid?

How to Become a Mediator - Help resolve disputes and get paid really well.

Become an Electrical Engineer - The work you'll be doing and how much you can expect to be paid.

How to Be a Paralegal - Do the work of a lawyer for half the pay or less? Well, there are some advantages.

How to Become an Actuary - A look at what the work is all about and what this position pays.

How to Be a Loan Officer - Do you have what it takes to be the front man (or woman) for the bank?

Working as a Computer Support Specialist - What you'll need and what you might make in this technical job.

Why Be a Police Officer? - Decent pay and benefits and little danger if you get hired in the right place.

How to Become a Physicist - Not a bad job if you don't mind a lot of schooling.

What is a Database Administrator? - And why you might want to be one.

How to Become a Fire Fighter - If you are in good physical condition and don't mind taking risks...

An Irrigation Business - Jobs (and possibly businesses) in an industry that has some real potential.

Office Cleaning Jobs Aren't so Bad - Especially when you use them as training for your future business.

Fish and Wildlife Jobs - How to get these great outdoor positions and how much they pay.

Selling Insurance for a Living - Do it right and you can collect residual income for years after you retire.

Be a Bookstore Clerk - A nice job that can also be a way to train for your own book business.

Become a Coffee Shop Barista - Another good job you can use as training for your future business.

How to Become a Reporter - Some of the options and what you need to do to get started.

Prison Guard Jobs - A look at the requirements and the pay you can expect for this stressful work.

Concert Security Jobs - Poorly paid, but you will get to see some great performances while working.

How to be a Commercial Pilot - If you like to fly and to travel, why not get paid well to do both?

The Benefits of HAZMAT Jobs - A look at some of the positions you might get.

Digging Water Wells - This is a good job if you use it as training for your own business.

Working as a Computer Security Professional - A legal way to use your hacking skills.

Working as a Roulette Dealer - Why I liked this position more than dealing blackjack.

United States Post Office Jobs - The good news and the bad....

A Pharmacy Tech Job - Perhaps one of the easier ways into the growing health care industry.

Bussing Tables - Not a great job to have for long, but a way into other positions.

The Benefits of Pizza Delivery Jobs - A look at what the job entails and how to make it pay more.

Become and Environmental Engineer - Good jobs for good money.

Have You Had Some Good Jobs?

If you have a good job, I may want to interview you for the People Making Money interview section of this website. In particular I would love to hear from anyone who currently has or has had unusual jobs, whether that means skinning alligators or getting paid to count commercials, or perhaps just working in a relatively unknown niche like inspecting and certifying cage-free eggs.

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Good Jobs Tips

What constitutes a good job is somewhat unique for each of us. For some a job is something we like to do. For you it might be a paycheck that allows you to do other things when not working. It can also be training for starting a future business, a step on the way to a better position, or a place to spend time with people you enjoy. It would be great to have a job that provided everything you could hope for, but to be a good job it just has to provide a couple of the elements that are most important to you.

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