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This section has the most fun and interesting jobs, although to be fair, almost any work can be made fun if you have the right attitude, and almost any job is interesting if you approach it as a tool for some purpose, such as an experience to broaden your mind, or simply as training for your future business. I recently worked as a sign holder and an electric tram driver, which were not great jobs, but I did get to write about them and met some good people.

Among the seventy or eighty other ways I've made money in my life, I've worked as a auto repo-man, a process server, and a casino dealer. Some of the jobs here, like many of the ones I've had over the years, don't pay very well, but that's not a reason to reject them out-of-hand. As I suggest above, you might enjoy them for a while and use them as a way to get into a better position or as a way to prepare for starting you own business.

The Fun Jobs and Interesting Jobs Pages

Summer Jobs - Here are some of the best, by various criteria.

Brew Pub Jobs - I interviewed a friend about his experience working at a brew pub.

Want to Be a Helicopter Pilot? - You'll be surprised by the variety of different positions.

Be a College Advisor - Help high school students decide where they should go to college.

Be a Window Washer - Hang out hundreds of feet in the air and get paid for it.

Become a Geoscientist - A look at how much you can make and what it takes.

How to Be a Movie Extra - You won't make much, but you usually get paid fast and you get to spend time with movie stars.

Do Horse Grooming for Money - If you like working with horses, this is a decent job that can lead to other opportunities.

Teach English Overseas - See the world (or at least some new part of it you haven't yet seen) and get paid.

Become a Mortician - A recession-proof job that pays well--if you have the stomach for it.

Professional Pet Sitting - Few requirements, potentially good money, and you get to work with animals.

Become a Cryptozoologist - Paid to find the Loch Ness Monster? Well the work may not always be that dramatic.

Be a Braille Translator - Make a good living by making books and other written materials available to the blind.

Video Game Tester Jobs - Not a bad gig, and if you really like playing video games you may be qualified.

Safecracker - Helping people who lost a combination or for other reasons can't open their safes.

How to Become a Social Worker - What it takes and what you will be expected to do in this position.

Make Money Giving Airboat Tours - Work outdoors and racing through the mangroves and sawgrass...

How to Be a Zookeeper - Do you like working with animals, even if it means working in a sometimes stinky environment?

How to Become an FBI Agent - Maybe not like Mulder's work on "The X Files," but an interesting job.

How to Become a Disc Jockey - What you need to get started, and what you can make.

Traveling Carnival Jobs - The life of a carny and where you can apply.

Get Paid to Deliver Cars - There are jobs driving automobiles of every sort.

How to Become a Stuntman - These can be fun jobs, but dangerous too.

Best Sailing Jobs - If you love the oceans but can't afford your own boat...

Be a Roller Coaster Tester - Being the first might make it even more thrilling.

Palm Tree Trimmer Jobs - You get to be outside, and usually in warm locations.

How to Become a Taxidermist - If you like playing with dead animals, have I got a job for you...

Finding Focus Group Jobs - Get paid for your opinion and be the first to learn about new products.

Become an Actor - The basic of how (and where) to get started in acting as a career.

Become a Health and Wellness Coach - Help people set their goals and then help them attain them.

Working as a Roulette Dealer - My own experience and why I think it's the best position in a casino.

How to Be a DJ - How to be a DJ for parties and events, and make a living at it.

Keeping Bees as a Business - A look at the job and business opportunities in beekeeping.

How to Become a Cartoonist - Some basic tips and good resources.

Get Paid for Picking Apples - A personal story and some tips for making a better wage.

Margaritaville Jobs - An Interview with Michael Kopczynski - Working for Jimmy Buffet and having fun.

There are more pages coming. The links and descriptions are put at the top of the list here as we add them to the site.

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