More Weird Ways to Make Money

By - March, 2013

Here is a quick look at some more of the odd ways people make money, including painting eyeballs, making taffy, and writing fortune cookies. There might be full-page coverage of some of these on this website in the future.

Eye Painter

Okay, actually, the correct title is ocularist. If you have this job you specialize in making and fitting false eyes for people who have lost their natural eyes, whether from an accident or disease. Of course, part of the job is painting or otherwise coloring the fake eyeballs. Interestingly, although there is an industry organization, the American Society of Ocularists, there are no schools for learning the trade. You have to find someone working in the field and become an assistant to get started.

Neon Bender

We all have seen many interesting neon signs. In fact, many are unique, being the only one of their kind. These are fashioned by those who specialize in bending the glass tubing used for these lights. It is another of those jobs (or businesses) that you normally learn by first working with someone else who is already an expert.

Fortune Cookie Writer

This one will be researched in the future for the website. It isn't clear that these jobs actually exist or if the same little sayings have just been recycled for generations. Perhaps a new kind of fortune cookie, with some other kind of predictions or wise or smartass quips would make for a great business.

Crack Filler

There might not be a commonly accepted name for this job, but it exists. Someone has to fill the cracks that develop on large monuments. Even Mount Rushmore has cracks that need to be filled with a silicone sealant in order to prevent water from freezing inside them and destroying the facade.

Dolphin Trainer

You must normally work with those who are already in the field to learn how to become a dolphin trainer. Many trainers do have degrees in biology and related areas, but that education will perhaps do little to prepare you for the actual work involved. Some people have started by volunteering at research centers or facilities that care for sick and injured marine animals.

Reality TV Star

This is a job where it helps to be outrageous, and to know the right people. Although reality television shows are filmed all over the country, larger cities are where you are most likely to be discovered. Get to know those who are already on such a show and you might just become part of it.

Adult Store Cashier

This is not a job to make the parents proud. You will be selling pornography and interesting devices, as well as collecting for peep shows and such. There might even be some cleaning tasks that you will not enjoy. But hey, someone has to do it. Or maybe not.

Portable Toilet Servicer

This is another nasty job, but this one really does have to be done by someone. Construction sites and special events require portable toilet facilities, and they need to be emptied and cleaned regularly. The job might not be a great long-term career choice, but on the other hand, it is a way to learn about the business, which can be very lucrative. I wrote about tis in my book 101 Weird Ways to Make Money. Naturally, as the owner of the business you are free to hire others to do the cleaning once you have enough revenue.

Taffy Maker

While most taffy is made by machine now, there are still some places that hand-pull it. It is a job that will keep your arms in shape as you spend hours pulling and folding and pulling the ever-stiffer mix. You might get some of the candy to take home with you as a bonus, but other than that there is not much to recommend this job (in my opinion).

Other Weird Ways to Make Money

Watch for future pages on weed farmers, potato chip inspectors, parking lot cleaners, lawn painters, and stunt producers. We might even look at how to collect returnable cans for income and where to get jobs posing "sin ropas" for art classes.

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