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The money articles you'll find here share only the broadest theme: money. There are some that are about specific principles to apply in business, and others that are more about money philosophy topics. I have always been fascinated by the subject of money; the making of it, the nature of how it functions in society, the personal meaning it has to each of us, and more. As you might expect, then, some of the articles listed here are my own.

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Thoughts on $500 Per-Pound Cheese - Does it ever make sense, and why?

Can the Presence of Money Reduce Pain? - The research say yes (just touching it!).

My Review of Inbox Dollars - It isn't very nice, but I still try to get you to sign up!

Is Southern Florida a Worker's Paradise? - Not if you have one of these jobs.

Four Radical Ways to Cut Your Cost of Living - Start with the big stuff, and get extreme...

Be a Frugal Opportunist - Here how it's done...

Five Ways to Bet to Win - Four are without going to a casino.

My Paychecks, Businesses, and Investments - What I'm doing as of early 2014.

Paid for Ads on Your Car? - It's possible to get paid for ads on your car, but there are also some scammers working in this niche.

How I Have Made Money in My Life - My "resume" has 100-plus ways.

Publicity and Traffic - How to use Google Alerts to get more of them.

Money Ideas - Make it, save it -- and how to think about money.

The Three Purposes of Investing - See which investment accomplishes all three of these.

Money News and Views - Is a business really riskier than a job?

Five Crazy Ways to Make Money - You might be shot at doing one of these...

Employee Assessment Questionnaires - The experience and theory.

Money Making Videos - Begging, digging and growing.

Internet Entrepreneur - The subtitle promises six ways to make it online; that's what you get.

Job Security - There is no such thing, but you can make job loss less likely by using these tips.

Participating in Paid Studies - True story from England.

Financial Lessons From Monopoly - An article a visitor sent to me about his experiences.

Creative Financing - A true story from Barbados involving a car, persistence, and creativity.

Amish Entrepreneurs - Why do they have a 90% success rate?

The Value of Work - Beyond the obvious value in dollar terms; what good is working?

Mental Accounting - What it is and how it affects our financial decisions.

Getting Jobs in Israel - How to find employment in Israel and other countries.

5 Interesting Ways to Make Money - Including crazy websites and being a kosher inspector.

A New Search Engine Idea - Show only the newest content online in the results.

Money and Children - My childhood experiences and suggestions for what kids should learn.

Money Making Quotes - More than two dozen that caught my attention or made me think.

How to Have Unique Business Ideas - One technique to try - perhaps the simplest one.

A Few Radical Money Moves - The ideas here might change your financial life for the better.

Spend Less Make More - How to really save money and why it is like making more.

How to Hide Money - This is not just a list of places (but there is that too).

Ending Poverty: Some Ideas - From Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank.

Behavioral Economics - Check out the surprising results of this experiment.

Applying for a Job - Tips, including what to do when you get turned down by an employer.

Creative Advertising Strategies - New ideas for increasing sales or selling advertising.

How to Find Lost Money - You may have money that is held by your state...

How to Make Money in an Hour - A dozen ways to raise cash fast.

A Job is a Business Training Course - Why go to school? Get trained to get rich.

Make More Money From Your Job - Four ways to boost income at your present job.

What is The Price of Money? - We pay for it one way or another...

Looking at Money in New Ways - It starts with a simple question...

A Strange Money Attitude - Why do many people want others around them to have less?

The Post-Work-Ethic Recession - A look at what's different this time around.

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I like thinking about money almost as much as actually making it. The internet allows me to do both at once, by thinking at the keyboard and monetizing the resulting pages and articles. Now you can find my writing on dozens of my own websites, on the Huffington Post, and in the many books I have written (Google "Steve Gillman" for a good selection).


Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. - Abraham Lincoln

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