Article Marketing - An Interview with Steve Gillman

I was recently interviewed about article marketing, which is the use of articles to promote websites. This is essentially how my wife and I have made a living for years now. The basic idea is to write short (400 to 800-word) articles, include a link to one's website in the "about the author" information at the bottom, and the distribute these to directories, which further distribute them to any webmaster who wants to use them on their websites (with the link active). Here are the ten questions asked, along with my replies.

Please introduce yourself to our readers...

My name is Steve Gillman, and my wife Ana and I have been making a great living with our websites for years, largely through article marketing. I created the websites "," "" and many others.

When, how and why did you get started with article marketing?

Six months into our business we were making just five dollars daily from our websites. At that point I was introduced to the use of articles to promote our sites and decided to give it a try. My first article probably took me hours to write and rewrite, but soon I was able to write some articles in thirty minutes or less. Traffic - and revenue - started to grow rapidly once I had distributed a few dozen articles to various article directories.

How long did it take you to get you to where you are now, and what would you say to our readers who are already tired and frustrated of not seeing any results from their article marketing?

We were paying the bills within a year of starting online, and our income doubled the next year, and doubled again the year after that.

What are the TOP areas I should concentrate on in article marketing?

Make sure you optimize each article for a decent keyword, so people will find it in the search engines. Give the reader a reason to read the article and a reason to click through to your site using the link in the author's resource area at the bottom. Distribute to the best directories, starting with

Do you have a formula for writing irresistible article titles?

My formula - if you can call it that - is to look at the title and decide if it would make me want to read that article.

What would you say is the one most important thing you've learned about writing articles that get spread?

Keyword optimize and write well. The latter comes with experience, but anyone can make a point to put the primary keyword in the title, first line and last paragraph of the article. Webmasters want content, which is why they take your articles from the directories for use on their sites. But they also want to articles that can actually bring in new search traffic, so they need at least one good keyword properly targeted.

What's the biggest mistake you made publishing articles on the Internet?

Not thinking about the fact that once the articles are distributed they are out there forever. I would like to have been more careful about the typos and sloppiness early on.

How do you make money with your article content? What are your "secrets?"

Traffic is the easy answer, but it comes from articles in several ways. The links created in the article directories help boost your ranking in the search engines, which means your pages get better placement in the results pages, so you get more traffic. Some directories also result in a lot of direct traffic from readers. You also get better rankings and direct traffic from other websites when your articles are used there. The secrets then, are to put good articles in good directories, and then have a way to make money when the people visit your site. Plus, it helps to write A LOT of articles (or have them written for you if that's a problem).

What tools and resources would you say are essential to article marketing?

Really all you need to start is any word processing program that can spell-check your work. A system for keeping track of which articles you have sent out and where is a good idea too, and can be accomplished with files on your computer or even notes on paper.

Could you share one of your most successful articles… the results it generated [in terms of views and clicks in the resource box] and the reason why it took off?

My article "Cheap Homes in Great Towns," has had more than 100,000 views in just one article directory, resulting in thousands of visitors (I don't track the traffic from all directories, but this one does the tracking for me). Add to that the fact the use of that article by others has resulted in numerous back links to my site "," which has boosted the rankings and resulted in more traffic. There is no way to say how much revenue one article brings in, but I would guess that I made hundreds of dollars for the hour I spent writing and distributing this one. And we could live off the revenue from this "houses" site alone, which is just one of many active sites we have.

As for why it took off, I think it helped that I wrote it just before the real estate market crashed, when home prices were at their highest. People are always looking for a cheaper way to get what they want, of course.


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