How to Write for Money

I have a lot to say about how to write for money, because that's mostly what I do. I'm doing it right now, in fact, and this section probably has more pages written by me than any of the others. I've been paid to write for a blog, I've self-published books, I sell my own e-books, I write articles to promote our websites, I write most of the pages for our 25 sites, I have had a non-fiction book published the traditional way, and I have created content for pay for others.

Our list of pages is farther down, but first, here's a video I recently did on how to make money with Kindle books:

The business of writing is changing fast, and the internet in particular has made it easier than ever to write for money. Look through the pages here and you should find some way you can write and get paid for it by next week.

The How to Write for Money Pages

Be a Poetry Whore - It may be more about performing than writing, but it's a way to cash in on those poems, right?

My Life as a Writer - Making it big, losing most of my income, and starting over.

What is a Ghostwriter? - The two types (and my experience).

Write About Money - Information on how to do it, and an invitation to help me out (along with a list of topics).

Writing a Book - What you need to know to get your non-fiction book published.

Writing for Magazines - It's very different from writing online, as writer Eric Hammer explains on this page.

Writing Articles for Money - Several ways to do it online, and a look at the different ways to gt paid for your work.

Get Paid to Write - How? You can start right here writing for my websites.

Ghostwriting Jobs - They get the credit and maybe they make some money, but you get paid up front.

Writing for Websites - How to make money doing it (I paid someone to write this page, making it a good example).

How to Make Money Writing Articles - I contracted this article out on and this is what I got...

How to Write an Ebook - How to choose a subject that will sell and how to start writing.

How to Become a Reporter - The requirements, places likely to hire you, and the possible pay.

How to Make Money with Poetry - There are many ways you might not have thought of.

Political Speech Writing - A less-common but potentially profitable writing career.

Writing Memoirs - Custom-made for others who can't quite do it alone.

How to Write for the Internet - The basics of getting paid for your online writing.

How to Write For Blogs and Get Paid - Three different ways you can do it.

Revenue Sharing Sites - Write about your interests and share the revenue your article produces.

Make Money From eBooks with Affiliate Links - Give away your writing and make it pay.

Building Profitable Niche Websites - I use my own examples for this page.

Make Money Publishing on Kindle - Based on my own experiences making some extra income.

How to Sell eBooks - More specifically, how to use affiliates to sell them.

How to Self Publish Your Book - An outline of the process and some tips for making it cheaper and more profitable.

Sell eBooks on Your Website - Some essentials and a few tips to get you started.

Make Money With eBooks You Give Away - One of the strategies for making money with ebooks.

Copywriting Jobs and Businesses - A look at what it takes to write ad copy and get paid for it.

An Interview About Freelance Writing With Eric Hammer - Learn from someone who has done it.

Getting a Book Contract: An Interview With Steve Gillman - I got a contract based on my website and mailing list.

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Writing for Money: Tips

The world has changed a lot with the advent of the internet, and this is especially true in the field of writing. Previously you were limited in the number of ways you could profit from your writing because of the cost in time and money. Now you can self-publish at zero cost on platforms like Amazon's Kindle or Barnes and Noble's Nook. You can create e-books and set up an account to sell them for $50 on Clickbank. Free blogs where you publish stories or articles can be monetized. The barriers for new writers who want to make money with their work are fewer and lower than ever.

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