Online Profits and Paychecks

My wife and I have been making a living on the internet for more than five years now, so I know about online profits. They beat the wages of any job I've ever had (and I had many in the past). So this section will have a few pages written by myself.

There are ways to work online as an employee, and this is going to become more common in time. There are also many ways to make money working for others on a contract basis through the internet. Then there are the thousand businesses that you can establish online, ranging from selling catnip to entertaining and informing visitors to your blog.

The Online Profits Pages

Publicity and Traffic Using Google Alerts - A few methods, both speculative and proven.

Internet Entrepreneur - There are six ways to become one covered here.

How to Sell Photos Online - You can start with almost any camera.

Find Available Domain Names for Money - How to make money finding names for clients.

Become a Life Coach - Get certified this week and do your coaching online. A six-figure income is a possibility.

Online Editing Jobs - If you have a keen eye for typos and grammatical errors you can get hired today.

How to Make Money on YouTube - Start your own channel today and eventually you can share in the revenue YouTube makes.

How to Create an Ebook - Without writing, without investing a cent, and get it marketed for you for free as well.

Writing for Websites - How to get paid jobs writing online content (and I paid for this page).

How to Monetize a Website - A dozen ways to make money with the traffic that comes to your website or blog.

How to Become a Website Designer - Demand for help with web design is not going away soon.

How to Sell Things Online - Tips and resources to get you started selling on the internet.

How to Make Money with Podcasts - Several good suggestions here.

Creating Paid Membership Websites - A tough way to make money online? Maybe...

How to Write for the Internet - Good information on how to get started and how to get paid.

How to Make Money With a Website - An interview I did about our experiences and some tips.

How to Write For Blogs and Get Paid - There is more than one way to do this...

Make Money With Revenue Sharing Sites - Start making money from your writing this week.

Make Money From eBooks - By giving them away with affiliate links in them.

Building Profitable Niche Websites - The basics of making a simple niche website that makes money.

Make Money Publishing on Kindle - Using Amazon's e-book platform to get your books out there.

How to Sell eBooks Using Affiliates - A look at how to use affiliates to sell your ebooks for you.

Sell eBooks on Your Website - The basics of selling ebooks on your existing website or on a site built for that purpose.

Make Money With eBooks - One of the several ways to give away ebooks and make money doing it.

Copywriting Jobs and Businesses - Write ad copy and get paid.

The Best Ezine Business Plan? - Online profits from an email newsletter without having to write?

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Online Profit Ideas

There are two basic ways to make money online. One is to work for others, which can be lucrative, but limits your income to the time you have available to work. The other is to create a business. This can be a website, a blog that you sell advertising on, or a virtual store where you sell physical or digital products. The advantage of making money online in these ways is that your potential income is not limited, and can continue to come in even when you are not working.

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