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You have nothing left to sell and you need to raise money fast? Perhaps it's time to learn how to donate your blood for money. You get to help people out and make a little extra cash while you're at it - as long as you meet the requirements and there is a paying donor center near you. So let's start with a look at those two issues.

First, a look at the online criteria posted by donation centers shows that requirements vary from place to place, despite the fact that they are supposed to be somewhat uniform across the country. In general you have to be healthy and at least 17-years-old. Some places will allow younger donors with parental permission. More specifically, you can't have had recent antibiotic use, a blood transfusion in the past 12 months, mad cow disease, hepatitis, or a tattoo in an unregulated facility within the last year. These are just a few of the disqualifiers - you'll have a form to fill out that will ask you about dozens of other possible medical conditions. Most places also require that you weight at least 110 pounds to be a donor.

As for finding a place where you can get paid to donate blood, there are a few ways to do this. A phone book search is probably enough if you live in a large city. Call and ask if they currently need doors and what they pay. You can also search online for the nearest facility. There is a website in the resource section below that will get you started.

Here's a video that documents one man's plasma donation process:

How often can you donate blood? Again, there are different rules in different places, and it depends on what part of the blood you're donating (more on that in a moment). For example, I just looked at the information online for a donation facility near Denver which allows you to donate plasma twice per week, even though Red Cross guidelines allow just one donation monthly. Here are the rules from the Red Cross website as of 2011:

Blood (whole blood) - Once every 8 weeks

Platelets - Once per week, up to 24 times annually

Plasma - Once every 28 days

Double red cells - Once every 16 weeks

How Much Can You Make?

The pay varies from region to region, but you can expect to be paid around $25 to $35 in most places. For example, the facility mentioned above (near Denver), says it pays $15 to $20 the first time, but then pays up to $35 for each subsequent donation. I assume this is because they have more paperwork and testing to do the first time. If you went twice weekly (as they allow), you would make all of $70 per week - not much, but then again it may only take you an hour each time.

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If you really want to make the most when you donate your blood for money, you probably need to do two things. First, find the places that pay the most. Then talk to the people there to see how much they pay for each type of donation and how you can best schedule the various types to maximize your income from this without taking any unnecessary risks.

Qualifications / Requirements

There are too many to list. Well, actually the basic qualifications are that you are an adult and healthy, but the disqualifiers are too numerous to list, and sometimes vary from place to place. You'll find out what they are when you go to give blood for the first time.

First Steps

Start calling to see who is paying and how much.


Blood Banker - This website has a zip code search function to to help you find places to donate blood.

Red Cross - This the Red Cross blood donation page, if you prefer to give blood without pay.

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