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Elsa Jean Net Worth, Family, Earnings, Age, Biography & More

Elsa Jean is an adult video star with years of experience and a large following. She cuts a distinctive figure as an adult film entertainer, due to her white-blonde hair and ultra-petite frame. But what is Elsa Jean’s net worth?

Net Worth 2024:$400 thousand
Born:September 1, 1996
Height:5 ft 5 in (1.64 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Canton, OH
Source of Wealth (SOW):Entertainment
Updated:August 19, 2023

People are intrigued by porn stars for a variety of reasons, and curiosity about their net worth is certainly one.

So let’s reveal blondie Elsa Jean’s net worth, with the story of how she amassed it emerging along the way.

Elsa Jean’s Early Years

Elsa Jean (not her real name) began life as a human on Sept. 1, 1996. She grew up in the small town of Canton, Ohio, United States home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Showing a real talent in school, she breezed through Hoover High School in North Canton and graduated at the tender age of 16.

She worked in various service-industry jobs before moving to Fairfax, VA to attend George Mason University.

Her plan was to become a surgeon’s assistant. However, to make more money than she’d made as a cashier, she began working as a dancer (it is unclear whether it was topless or fully nude).

Once it gets to the point where Elsa Jean is making serious money this way, it’s nearly inevitable that she’ll go on to porn, and that’s what she did.

Elsa Jean’s Early Porn Career

Elsa Jean was a shoo-in to get work as an adult film entertainer. Adult websites gravitate toward cute petite girls who have a youthful, innoncent appearance.

Elsa Jean quote

And that describes Elsa Jean perfectly. Plus, she has a grey rose tattoo on her right shoulder and a bright rose tattoo on her left hip. She took her name from the character in Disney’s famous movie Frozen.

The resemblance is significant. Elsa made her debut in 2015, appearing in a video in the series Strokies, which also featured petite star Carolina Sweets.

She also got into the adult entertainment industry with appearances in Teens in Tight Jeans and Net Video Girls. From there, she began to take the profession of porn star by storm.

Elsa Jean on Social Media

Elsa Jean is active on Instagram and TikTok. As of August 19, 2023, she has 121K followers on Instagram and 10K likes on TikTok with a handle of elsajeansworld and @official_elsajean, respectively.

Elsa JeanSocial Media
Instagram handle:elsajeansworld
Instagram followers:121K followers
TikTok handle@official_elsajean
TikTok likes:10K likes
Updated:August 19, 2023

Elsa Jean, Porn Star

While being a porn performer can be controversial, Elsa Jean stands up for who she is without letting other people’s perceptions affect her.

Elsa Jean’s net worth to herself is more important than others’ perceptions of her. But she is described as being very professional and well-liked in the industry.

She has forged close relationships with colleagues such as Riley Reid, Kayden Kross, Charles Dera, and Mick Blue.

There’s no question that she’s a popular star among co-workers and audiences alike. That can be measured by the many awards Elsa Jean has won.

She won XRCO and XBIZ Awards for Best Starlet in 2016, while claiming the AVN‘s Fan Award for Best Newcomer.

She has also won a Fan’s Choice award for Most Underrated Female Performer. We don’t know how many underrated female performers she had to beat out, but kudos to Ms. Jean nonetheless.

The Wealth of Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean has been very good about increasing her bank balance. After she got well-established as a porn star, she and her agents were sure to capitalize.

While there are so many newer adult sites with photo and video content, the older companies that produced print magazines for decades are in the game as well, and being on their sites is prestigious.

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Elsa Jean has done shoots for Barely Legal, Taboo, and Hustler. The savvy entrepreneur also licensed a strategic part of her body to the Fleshlight company for people who like realism and customization.

There’s some cash in that, and we hope Elsa nets a tidy sum from this venture.

Family Life

Elsa was born Sapphire Nicole Howell. What’s interesting is that Sapphire sounds like the name of a stripper of adult film star.

As to the man and woman who selected that name, we don’t know much about them, including their names. However, Elsa is now starting a family of her own.

She is married to Kevin O’Brien, and has been since 2021. That is fabulous. We know that Elsa Jean likes to stay at home a lot.

That is largely because of her two pugs, Olivia and Olga. She admits she doesn’t discipline them very well, but nobody’s perfect.

She also likes watching movies, with Emma Watson as one of her favorite actresses.

Elsa Jean’s Net Worth

In 2023, Elsa Jean’s net worth is $400 thousand. The secret to building up a big net worth in the adult industry is to save.

If pretty Elsa is staying home playing with her doggies, that means she isn’t dumping a lot of money on excessive luxuries.

Porn actresses get paid fees for their work rather than royalties from advertising or clicks or DVD sales. So they get quite a bit of money in their pockets right up front, but not on the longterm.

So, Elsa Jean’s salary from her many videos has pumped Elsa into the six figures, but her deal with Fleshlight has boosted her even further.

She does some personal appearances and feature dancing as well, and that certainly helps. Hopefully, her net worth won’t crash as soon as she stops doing videos.

Jean seems like a true professional and hard worker. Let’s not forget the value of hard work, people!

Elsa Jean’s Net Wort FAQs

What is Elsa Jean’s net worth?

As of 2024, Elsa Jean’s net worth is estimated at $400 thousand. Elsa Jean became wealthy through her successful career in the adult film industry.

It should be acknowledged that the net worth of Elsa Jean is not a matter of public record and the exact number cannot be confirmed.