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Who wouldn't like to get Google ads free, or for that matter, get any other advertising free. I bought an ebook for $67 after reading just that promise on the sales page. There are a couple other products out there which make the same claim, but I suspect they full of similar ideas, and no, there is no way to get free ads. I didn't expect that to be true in any case.

So why did I buy the book and what did it have in it? I bought it because I thought it might have some good ideas, and it was sold through ClickBank, so I knew I could get my money back--which I did the next day. It was too expensive for the information, and I never feel bad about asking for a refund when marketers lie.

I did consider the possibility that there might be a few tricks for getting ads for free using promotions. I had received $50 in free clicks before for signing up for a pay-per-click search engine advertising account. I even entertained the idea that there was something trickier and just this side of ethical, like perhaps setting up ads so that people sometimes read them and typed in the address of your site rather than clicking the ad, so there was no charge for that part of the traffic.

About six minutes into the book I learned the truth. The author had an ingenious business plan, but the claim that you could get free Google clicks was just an outright lie. The basic idea was to sell ad space on a page that you sent traffic to using Adwords. If you sold enough, it covered your cost of the advertising, which by his demented marketing definition meant you got the clicks free--kind of like you get everything free in your business because it makes more than your expenses... right.

But enough of the nonsense marketing. Let's look at the guts of the money-making idea. Suppose you put up a one-page site about camping. Just a couple paragraphs in the center of the page surrounded by a dozen boxes waiting to have ads in them. Find all the related keywords you can, including the "long tail" keywords. These might be phrases like "camping with children," and "lightweight camping gear." By using the less commonly-targeted keyword phrases, you might pay an average of just 15 cents for each visitor that you get through Google Adwords (and you can also use any other advertising).

You keep adding keywords to your campaign until you have 2,000 clicks per month, meaning 2,000 people visit your page, which will cost you $300 every month. With this specifically targeted traffic you can sell advertising spots on the page, at least to those who don't want to set up their own pay-per-click account.

How Much Can You Make?

Sell ten spots at $50 per month each, and you take in $500 monthly. That gives you a profit of about $200 if you are spending $300 to get that traffic. Set up 30 more pages like this and you're netting $6,000 per month. Of course you would be spending $9,000 per month on those "free" Google ads, so you better keep those spots rented out.

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This is a basic idea that has been around for many decades. It works like this in print magazines: Pay $1,000 for a page of advertising and then sell 20 spots for $100 each to those who don't want a full page. It could be a great way to make money online or off, but you pay for that advertising whether you sell your spots or not--there is no way to get free Google ads or free magazine space.

Qualifications / Requirements

If you have a few hundred dollars to risk you can give this a try.

First Steps

You can do this just as outlined above, but there is a safer way to start. If you build a blog or website and get some decent amount of free traffic coming in within a few months, you can start selling ad space, perhaps boosting your traffic count with just $100 per month of pay-per-click ads.

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