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Is WealthPress as Good as It Claims? – A Genuine Review

Trading Options is a precise game that requires a carefully formulated trading strategy.

By using sites like WealthPress, you can now trade with confidence.

In the trading world, you need to know who to trust and who to avoid. There are sharks in these waters that can also prepare, plan, and exploit anyone who is in any doubt.

option trading

If you don’t recognize these people, you will most likely succumb to them.

They provide great guarantees to increase your wealth, but when the chips are falling and the market moves, they have nothing to offer you.

What is WealthPress?

You may have seen an ad by Roger Scott, a major WealthPress trader, suggesting that he has a proven and effective commercial selection formula.

And you might be wondering – Is WealthPress a scam or fraud?

We want to know the same. We have seen some aggressive ads from WealthPress, and its promises are as follows:

Learn exactly how to check the financial cycle, such as a roadmap, to identify purchasing departments waiting to triple their profits!

How to take advantage of up to 16x higher profits and safely reduce trading risks?

Roger’s support in selecting the income gap has produced sustained gains over the past 20 years, and the risk is extremely low.

Who is Roger Scott?

Roger Scott has 25 years of stock trading experience, spanning everything from stock options and ETFs to corn futures. He ran his initial investment with several economists from the Ivy League, all of whom had worked as White House advisors. After Richard’s original Trading Turtle, The Pit Prince, he ran the fund.

Roger’s plan multiplied $20 million into approximately $740 million in 10 years. His customers also are one of the world’s ten wealthiest people.

You will not Always Win

As with any trading method, you cannot guarantee that you will always win with WealthPress.

It would be best if you are prepared before investing. Find out what risks you are willing to take and recognize what you might be missing out on.

The WealthPress method can be very successful, but there will also be losses.

Like Any Other Trading, there is Risk

When you make a choice, you will realize that you are taking a risk. Of course, the number of bets you take is up to you, but as Scott repeated many times in his speech, no one can perfectly predict the market.

The difference is that you are not alone; others take that risk with you. Moreover, if you go bankrupt, he also goes bankrupt. And he will be there early the next morning, ready to scan for the next move.

Here are some popular active trading strategies for you.

Evaluation of WealthPress Reveals Transparency

We have not seen many trading systems that have been successful or failed like WealthPress. Scott is open to what has been lost and encourages individuals to respond carefully to problems.

This honesty sets Roger Scott apart from other failed investors. He embraces his failures, benefits from them, and helps others to do the same.

Roger Scott is Braver than Most

WealthPress has a very real transaction record and had great results, but for anyone who cannot believe it, Roger is patient enough to do real-time analysis and give free trading advice.

For example, during a January 22 webinar, he indicated Qualcomm is a strong buy. That was before they got into a settlement with Apple.

He told investors that if they bought shares on the same day and waited until the settlement date ($ 54.29) and started trading when the price rose to $79.08, their investment would increase by 45.6%. It was a great victory, and Scott gave it up for nothing.


It is easy to call it a “scam” as it shows signs of reduction or you dislike the marketing methods of online marketers.
However, Scott is open to his losses and advises people on how to deal with problematic trades.
He is very honest and stands out with his results, but for anyone who cannot believe it, Roger can do an on-site analysis and present free professional concepts.

You can be sure you would not be torn apart; you will fully understand what Scott said and what it will provide in each of its solutions. That also includes signals of success and failure of the trade.

Final Thoughts

Yes, WealthPress has some very aggressive ads. If the decision is up to us, we will choose a less aggressive sales press as noise can also become a reality.

We tidied up the areas and member selections, and Roger and the team did what they would surely say in all of the deals and ads.

We believe that neither Roger Scott nor WealthPress is a scam. As far as we know, Roger is only one of the heroes in the trading world.

His tools are clear, and he is completely and utterly honest about his most important achievements and most painful losses.

Have you ever invested in a foreign currency or thought of investing in it? We got your back!