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I could never offer a letter writing service if I had to actually write, because nobody would be able to read my handwriting. But a few years ago I read about a woman who did just this. She wrote letters to shut-ins, men and women in prison, and those in the various branches of the military.

The clients were generally the friends and family of the receiver of the letters. They told the woman about the person, detailing some interests and personal history, and then paid her to correspond with their family member or friend. At the time she was advertising her services in the classified sections of national tabloid newspapers, and charging between $10 and $50 per letter depending on what was required.

Hers was not the only service of its kind, but I am not sure if there is as much demand now. The internet has made it easy to keep in touch with anyone anywhere. Then again, perhaps the nature of the business just has to change to include emails or tweets

How Much Can You Make?

This is in the "ideas" section of the website, so no statistics are available. Since this is a good business for someone who wants to work from home, that benefit might justify a lower wage, but I would aim for at least $10 per hour. At $15 per hour you would have the possibility of expanding and hiring help. If you offered email correspondence you might be able to hire English-speaking foreigners for $4 per hour and still make money charging around $10. But keep those hourly rates as targets, and charge by the letter--that's how clients would prefer to pay.

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You might also offer to send small gifts or cards as part of the service, for an additional fee.

Qualifications / Requirements

The ability to relate to a wide variety of people and a willingness to listen and offer real communication.

First Steps

Start a website or a free blog for your service, and promote it via social networks like Twitter or Facebook.


http://www.letterlover.net - The closest thing I could find, this letter writing service doesn't do personal correspondence, but offers love letters, wedding vows and more starting at $50 per letter.

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