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One of my favorite things to write about is money making ideas, so some of the pages in this sections are written by myself, and I chose the writers for the others. We don't cover proven businesses or investments. The entries here are things that a few people have tried, perhaps with mixed results and better profit potential if done right, and pure ideas that have simply not been tested (to my knowledge, but I am sure I'll be corrected by readers).

These are business ideas, quick money making possibilities, investments that haven't been tried systematically, and more. This is one of the sections of the site that is most interesting, even if less certain in terms of income expectations. And in any case, a new idea can mean no competition for the person who tries it out - certainly a good benefit to balance against the risk.

The Money Making Ideas Pages

Rent Nature? - You can rent trees and goats to people online, and that's just the start...

Make Coasters to Sell - Specifically, this is about making sandstone coasters from rocks you collect yourself, based on my own creations (which I haven't tried selling).

Help People Find Jobs? - That's just one part of this potential service.

A New Type of Auction - A couple new ideas that might work.

Social Art - Sell art that others help you create?

Search Dogs: New Business Ideas - Train them to find cash and earthworms?

Letters From the Dead: A New Business Idea - They can send their love from the grave.

The Business of Video Yearbooks - There are many money making ideas to try with this.

Writing Memoirs for Others - When they can't quite handle the job themselves...

Start a Power Nap Center - A place that provides the technology for taking easy short naps.

Make Money From Famous Gravesites - It might be possible (and has been done in a way).

How to Print Money Using Your Business - Yes, real bills that you can spend...

Get Free Google Ads? - Not likely, but here is a nice little idea for making use of those ads.

How to Party for Profit - There is money to be made in house parties.

Making Tips Without a Job - Who says you have to be hired to serve drinks?

Money Making Hobby Ideas - How to turn hobbies into cash.

Kite Sails for Boats - Take this idea and make something of it.

Collecting and Selling Common Wildflowers - No investment and you can make cash today.

Finding Lost Buried Treasure - With examples from real life of how things get lost and buried.

Selling Natural Handicrafts - Ones you can make with no cost for materials.

Harvesting Club Moss Spores - And selling your harvest as medicine or flash powder.

Creating a Treasure Hunt as a Business - Several ideas about how to make it pay.

A Personal Letter Writing Service - How to make money corresponding with strangers.

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Money Making Ideas...

Look at how to do things completely differently as a way to make money. For example, see if there is a way to go to customers instead of having them come to you. Or what about a bank that is open only on Sundays? Or a hotel with free rooms (maybe make money with non-stop infomercials and meals delivered to the rooms?). Most ideas do not work out, but have enough of them and a few will be worth something.

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