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By Eric Hammer

The flip side of online content creation (i.e. writing for the Internet) is online editing and for all those people who work in content writing jobs, there are also a tremendous number of online editing jobs available to look over that work and make sure that it all looks good.

These online editing jobs are available from a wide variety of different companies, including major newspapers and magazines which have expanded their online offerings as well as web only publications which have online editing jobs aplenty for those who know the business well.

The key in both cases however is more than just understanding the nuances of the English language. You also need to understand how people consume content online. The experience is generally different from consuming content offline since most people don't read extremely long pieces of writing online and even when they do, they tend to skim the material. Because of this, it's often a good idea to show that you have experience writing online before you look into online editing jobs.

How Much Can You Make?

Online editing jobs, like offline editing jobs run the gamut in the amount of money they pay. As an example, Demand Media, which owns eHow, pays $3.50 per article edited by their online editors. However, online editing jobs for a company such as the New York Times can pay significant amount of money (in the range of $50,000-$60,000 per year) since those kinds of jobs are really extensions of professional editing work.

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As noted above, you're not likely to get work directly in online editing jobs without first having proven yourself as a writer for online work. The job requires you to have an eye for what will work online. This means relatively short paragraphs with plenty of subheadings between them to allow people to easily skim through your writing rather than being required to read the content word for word as many people may do with a magazine for example.

At the same time however, it's important to make sure that every word is completely accurate and without typos. The best online editing jobs will require those who are absolute sticklers for enforcing editorial guidelines so as to ensure that a company puts its best face forward when providing content online.

Qualifications / Requirements

There are no formal requirements for online editing jobs and there are no requirements to earn a degree. However, it can be helpful to hold a degree in journalism or a related field as these kinds of degrees often include a great deal of information about what it takes to be an effective online editor (as well as offline editor).

First Steps

Consider creating a portfolio of your own writing, showing off your editing skills to potential employers. Don't be afraid to take on some low paying jobs or even internships in order to gain the experience you'll need to prove that you are able to effectively handle online editing jobs as well.


Check out these helpful resources to learn more about online editing jobs:

EHow: Online Editing Jobs - Ehow is one of the largest employers of online editors (through their parent corporation, Demand Studios) and as such is a good place to learn more about online editing jobs. This article is a bit dry and doesn't provide lots of detail, but it is a good start. Online Editor Profile - Another company which hires many people for online editor jobs is (it is owned by the New York Times Company). This is another good introduction to how online editing works and what is involved in online editing jobs.

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