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I am somewhat familiar with phone book delivery jobs, because that is one of the seventy or more ways I have made money in the past. At the time I had one of these positions, they paid cash or a check at the end of each week. The pay wasn't great, but then how much you made really depended on how efficiently you worked, and I was quick.

Every year phone book publishers come out with their new editions, and they need them delivered to just about every address in every community they serve. Some residents who live in more isolated locales get the books by mail, but most are delivered by independent contractors who sign up to work for a few weeks. That could be you, if you like driving around and delivering things.

You typically need your own car, and it helps if you have a truck or van, so you can take the bigger routes without having to return constantly for more phone books. When I did this, the car I was driving was sitting low with more than a thousand pounds of them. There were about a dozen drivers who showed up to take a route, and as long as each had a driver's license and an insured car, he or she was hired. We were paid by the book at the end of the week, and there were enough routes available for some drivers to keep busy for two weeks, but you had to finish a route before claiming the next one available.

How Much Can You Make?

When I did phone book delivery in the 1990s I was paid just 6 cents per book delivered. That would be terrible pay if it was simply a matter of delivering a book to each home. Fortunately, any residents needed two or three phone books, and many businesses on the route took 100 or more at a time. Real estate offices were the best stops.

Looking at the postings for phone book delivery jobs online, I see that many do not specify pay, while others give ranges from $9 to $15 per hour. The fact that a range is given suggests that they are paying per delivered book. This is not a way to make much money, but it is a way to make fast cash. Work long hours for a week and you might make $500 to $900.

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Obviously when you are paid per book delivered you make more per hour for working fast. You also make more period, because you get to complete more routes before all the phone books are delivered. If getting your hourly rate up is your goal, look for routes that have many businesses on them, and especially those that have office buildings, since you are likely to drop off many more in a short time at these locations than if you go door-to-door in a residential neighborhood. You also can try to get the routes that include large apartment complexes, since these are faster deliveries than houses in the suburbs.

Qualifications / Requirements

Generally all you need is a vehicle, a driver's license, and insurance. It can help if you have a dolly for larger deliveries.

First Steps

Look for jobs online or call the publishers of your local phone books. If your state requires an upgrade of your driver's license, get that taken care of before showing up for work.

Resources - There were hundreds of openings listed here the last time I checked.

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