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The idea of a power-nap center is not new. In fact, if you look in the resource section below you'll find a website of a company which operates them in several countries. But it is new enough to be unproven and to be in the money-making-ideas section of this site.

A power nap, in case you didn't know, is a short period of sleep. This used to be called a catnap. The new term was apparently coined by Cornell University social psychologist James Maas, for any short nap specifically designed to refresh you. "Designed" is the right word, because not just any sleep will work. Although the research shows that napping benefits heart function, hormonal maintenance and cell repair, to get the refreshing aspect you need to keep it short--generally under 25 to 30 minutes. Longer than that and you will feel groggy for up to an hour or more afterwards.

Some research shows that power naps can boost productivity, lower stress, and improve learning and mood. Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, by looking at the MRIs of nappers, found that with a nap brain activity stays high throughout the day, but when people skip the nap, and brain activity declines in the afternoon. I have read that in In Iraq, U.S. Marines are instructed to take a power nap before going on patrol.

A short nap is a great idea then, but hard to get in a busy office. A power nap center solves this problem. One charges $14 for a short session (fifteen minutes). Somewhere around 15 to 20 minutes seems to be ideal for the refreshing effect without the grogginess. And what if a quiet place with a comfortable reclining chair doesn't do the job? You offer brainwave entrainment recordings. I have meditation CDs that will put me to sleep in less than ten minutes every time I listen to them, for example. There are a number of these products out there.

How Much Can You Make?

There is little data available as to the revenue of the existing power nap services. The fact that at least one has operations in several countries suggests that they have had some success though. In major cities You might get as much as $18 or so for a twenty-minute power nap using brainwave entrainment recordings (after all, they get $6 for a few minutes in those massage chairs at some airports), or you might offer the service for less and then sell upgrades or extras.

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You could sell the CDs (they go for as much as $36 for single CDs online, and up to $1,000 for sets) that have the brainwave entrainment recordings, although this could discourage repeat visits if customers pops on headphones in a corner of their offices or other workplaces and do their own power nap routine using the technology.

There is a power routine I have read about, based on research done at the Loughborough University in the UK, which uses coffee. You drink a cup of coffee and then immediately lay down for a fifteen-minute nap. The idea is that your body takes time to process the caffeine, so you get your "micro-sleep" in and the caffeine hits just as you wake up. Researchers used sleep deprived subjects, who reported feeling very refreshed following this routine, but anyone is likely to feel the same. With the research in the marketing materials or on the "menu" and coffee with brainwave entrainment technology, the perceived value of the service should be high.

Qualifications / Requirements

This isn't likely to work as a shoestring business, so you'll need a fair amount of startup capital.

First Steps

Read up on the latest brainwave entrainment research and start doing market research to see if there is enough demand where you are for a power nap center.

Resources - MetroNaps is a "provider of power napping solutions" with offices in the Australia, the United States, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

The Meditation Program - My favorite brainwave entrainment product for meditation or power naps.

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