A Resume Submission Service

By Eric Hammer

Ever heard of a resume distribution service? In essence, this is job hunting for the lazy; or the desperate. Usually, it’s a little of both with a dash of hope thrown in. Unlike manpower companies that actually take a fee from companies for helping them to find qualified workers for their open positions, resume submission services do pretty much what they sound like. They submit your resume to companies that may be looking for a person in your field.

The business is really simple, though it requires a little bit of technical knowledge to get started. You basically will be receiving resumes from people who are looking for work. You’ll need to prepare a list of the e-mail addresses of human resources departments in various industries so that you can send out a person’s resume to targeted companies that may be interested in hiring the person.

Some such services actually specialize in specific industries. For example, there is one resume submission service that specializes in recruiting for Wall Street jobs and who will send out your resume to all the top companies on Wall Street. The advantage for people who hire such a service is convenience; they don’t have to start hunting down the e-mail address of the companies they want to submit to. You do it for them.

The better resume submission services also work on a subscription basis, where they actually get human resources people and head hunters to sign up for their services. This way they are expecting to get resumes sent to them and the resumes may actually do someone some good. However, some such companies simply play the old spam game, sending people’s resumes far and wide in the hope that some of them may "stick."

How Much Can You Make?

There is quite a bit of competition in this industry since the entry bar is so low (you need a web site, some money for advertising and a computer with Internet connection), however the successful resume submission services can earn in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or even in the millions. More likely, if you really work hard, you can make a decent living getting your business off the ground and may gross in the neighborhood of $30,000-$50,000 a year. This is from charging people around $49.99 each time they want to have their resume sent out by your company, so you can see, you have to work hard and get a LOT of people to sign up in order to make that decent living.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

One of the great things about resume submission services is that they can easily sell ancillary products. For example, you may sell people resume writing services, where you help them to write an effective resume. You could also help them with writing cover letters and provide people with interview tips and even online classes in how to land a job.

The key with a resume submission service is getting into a niche. Since there are so many general service resume submission services, the best way to get into the business is to specialize. Find an industry that has plenty of need for new workers, home health aides for example, and specialize your service in that particular area. This way, you become a go to address for those kinds of jobs, both from recruiters and from people who want to land a job as opposed to being just another "me too" service drowning in a sea of thousands of identical services.

If resume submission services are not quite your thing, you could also consider looking into jobs in human resources, where you will be on the receiving end rather than the sending end. Or you could consider going into head hunting, looking for top talent for specialized jobs. And of course, you can always go into resume writing and interview training as mentioned above.

Qualifications / Requirements

There are no qualifications or licensing required in order to start a resume submission service. The one thing you will need, aside from a computer with Internet access, a good web site and start up capital for advertising and bandwidth expenses is dogged perseverance. As with any new business, things will be slow at first and you need to have the ability to stick with it until you land enough clients to make this into a full time business.

First Steps

Start by studying the industry. Look at a number of resume submission services and see what they offer. If you can, talk to some people who run successful services. Find out from them what they did wrong and what they did right when they were building their own businesses.


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