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How do you make money with revenue sharing sites? You write a page for them, and they make ad revenue from the page, sharing as much as 60% with you. There are perhaps hundreds of these websites online (see the link in the resource section for a list of 100). Your investment is nothing but your time and mental effort. You don't even need a website.

Typically, revenue sharing sites use a pay-per-click program to generate their revenue, with Google's AdSense being the most common. When a visitor clicks on an ad, the website might get 30 cents, with part of that credited to your account. Other sites use affiliate links, which means they--and you--make money when a visitor clicks a link and then makes a purchase. There may be other revenue-sharing models used as well.

One important point to understand here is that you can literally start making money from your writing this week (although payment is usually monthly), and without any need to have a website or sell a thing. If one site doesn't approve your application, try another. Some will approve almost anyone, while others have higher standards.

Some have a theme as well, so you'll want to find one that fits what you want to write about. At, for example, you can write how-to articles about anything. If you know how to train a cat to use a toilet, write about it and start making money! If you can do simple online research you can write tutorials on almost anything and post them to the site.

How Much Can You Make?

The most common payment plan is 50% of revenue. Of course you can do better making your own website and keeping 100% of the revenue produced--in theory. But this assumes that you know how to optimize the pages and get them seen in search engines as well as these websites, and that you will do as well in monetizing the pages, and that you want to spend time building websites. There is a lot to be said for just writing and letting them handle the rest.

What does that 50% mean in dollar terms? Its impossible to say, because every age will be different. I can tell you from experience that I have pages which make two cents per month and others that make $100. It depends on how well the page is indexed in the search engines, the number of people looking for an article on that topic, and the money potential of the topic (ads on pages about home mortgages make more than those about poetry contests, for example). But lets assume that you submit 100 pages over time and the site averages $4 in monthly revenue on your pages. Your 50% would be $200 monthly (100 pages times $2). Not enough? Write more pages. I have written at least two thousand articles and pages for our websites in the last few years. has a different pay model than most, based on the growth in page views year-over-year. Although I am not sure of the details of their pay system, they claim that some of their "guides" as they call them, make over $100,000 per year.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

There are several ways to boost your income from revenue sharing sites. They include:

1. Target better keywords. If you write about making money or getting a loan or real estate investing, the advertising rates the site receives will be higher, and so your share of revenue will be better.

2. Target niches. The problem with the suggestion above is that it's hard to compete for traffic when you're targeting the most competitive keyword searches. Instead, you might try more obscure niches. For example, instead of trying to do an article on "mortgage loans," try doing one on "getting mortgage loans with bad credit."

3. Write more. Remember that although you may make only $4 per page per month (and it may take six months to grow to that level), the money can keep coming in every month, possibly for many years. $4 isn't much, but if you eventually have 500 pages doing that, you have a nice income of $2,000 per month which doesn't require you to be at work in the morning--or ever write again if you just want to enjoy the residual income.

4. Go with the higher-quality sites as soon as they'll take you. Making 50% of the revenue off a page that gets only ten visitors monthly doesn't add up to much (probably less than 30 cents). Notice which site's pages are showing up in the search engines when you cruise the internet. Those are the sites you want your content on.

Qualifications / Requirements

You do need to know how to write decently, but this can be learned with practice and free online pointers. Other than that there are few if any requirements.

First Steps

Check out some of the revenue sharing sites (see the resources below) and decide which works best for you. Sign up and then start writing (actually I would reverse the order of those two--it's better to be prepared).

Resources - One of the biggest, Squidoo gives you 50% of the revenue your page generates. - A site full of how-to pages. Write one and you get a share of the revenue it makes. - A list of 100 revenue sharing sites with a few details on each.

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