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Here are a few fun videos I found. They cover weird jobs, businesses and other ways to make money. One looks at unusual ways to find a job. Let's get started...

This video is about Forest Rothchild, a guy who collects golf balls for money, which is one of the weird jobs covered in my book. Forest Rothchild says he typically finds about 3,000 balls per day, although he collected 9,000 on the day this news report was done. At seven to ten cents per ball that he is paid, that's a decent day.

Here in Florida this is a more dangerous job, with poisonous snakes and alligators showing up regularly on golf courses.

There are five weird jobs covered in this video: shark tank cleaning, roadkill cleanup, virtual gold farmer (collecting gold on fantasy video games to sell for real cash), fortune cookie writing, and zombie actor.

Two of those jobs were covered in my book; roadkill cleanup and virtual gold farmer. Moving on...

The following is a fun look not at unusual jobs, but instead unusual job search tactics. You'll like the Google ad experiment (very creative). The other tactics are using a vanity website and never sending a resume (I'll let you watch the video to see what you should send instead).

I particularly liked the tactic of not sending a resume, and the insistence on bringing it to an actual interview.

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