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Making simple bar bets is a good way to make some quick cash - as long as you know what you're doing. I read a true story about a man who was left on the street with nothing, as a challenge. He gathered change from the ground underneath fast food drive through windows until he had enough to trade in for quarters, which he used to buy a newspaper. He took every paper in the box once it opened, and sold them for full-price on the street (he claims to have paid for the papers later). By that afternoon he had enough money to go to a bar or two and apply his special skills. A series of bar bets netted him free drinks and enough cash for a meal and a nice hotel room, proving his point that he could survive and do well starting with nothing.

I don't recall the particular bar bets he used, but there are many to choose from if you want some quick cash. For example, have someone trace a circle around a dime, on a piece of paper. Cut out the hole. Let everyone see the tiny hole and bet someone $5 (or several people) that you can put a nickel through the hole without tearing the paper, even though a nickel is much larger than a dime. Fold the paper across the middle of the hole, set the nickel between the folds onto the hole, and pull up the ends of the paper. The nickel will fall through, without tearing the paper.

Here's one more, just to get you started. Take six coasters and say, "This is how you make two rows of three and four out of only six total coasters." Line up four on the bar or a table, then put the other two on either side of one of the coasters on the end of the row, creating a "T" made up of four coasters in one row and three in the other. Now let other bar patrons try to move just one coaster in such a way that there are two rows of four. If none figure it out, bet $5 that you can do it, again stressing that you will move just one coaster. Take the coaster from the bottom of your "T" and place it on top of the coaster at the top, creating two rows of four.

There are much more sophisticated bar bets than the examples here. With the "Wizard Card Trick," for example, you have someone draw a card from a normal deck. Everyone sees it, and you tell them that the "Wizard," can tell what it is from a distance. To prove it, you call the Wizard, and hand the phone to one of the spectators. The Wizard immediately announces what the card is, and everyone is amazed. The details of how this trick works can be found online or in the book You Aren't Supposed to Know, which is part of the Secrets Package. Of course you'll want to make a big bet with the person who you hand the phone to, since he or she will be the only one to directly hear the Wizard's correct guess.

To make more than drink money you might have to be willing to think like a con man. Making a few small bets and losing one or two of them, for example, makes taking people for $20 at a time more likely.

How Much Can You Make?

How much you make will depend on who your "targets" are and how far you are willing to go with your tricks and bets.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

If you get really good at tricks and bar bets you can write an ebook to sell online.

Qualifications / Requirements

All you need is the willingness to practice - and to be the center of attention.

First Steps

Find a dozen tricks and bar bets that you like and start practicing.


Five Sure-Fire Bar Bets - Videos from bar settings.

Easy Bar Tricks - There are some good tricks you can use as bar bets here.

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