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The pages of this section provide information and reviews of the best money books, seminars, courses and other money-related information products. If you want to contribute your own review, see the contact page and send it my way (but keep in mind that I don't like to remove content once it is up, so in submitting it you're giving permission to use it on the site forever).

The books covered here are generally available on and/or can be ordered from most bookstores. Otherwise, and for other products, a source where you can find them is provided.

The Best Money Books and Products Pages

101 Weird Ways to Make Money - I had to include my own book here of course, but the reviews are written by others.

Nudge - My review of a fun book by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein.

Get Rich Click - My review--and why you should sometimes buy a book for reasons other than the value of the information in it.

Not Your Parent's Money Book - This is one of the few books on money written specifically for children.

Get a Financial Life - A review of by Beth Kobliner's book aimed at people in their 20s and 30s.

Mortgage Ripoffs and Money Savers - Carolyn Warren looks at the tactics and dirty tricks used by lenders in this book.

The Millionaire Fastlane - M.J. Demarco recounts his experiences during the dot-com boom and beyond, with tips for aspiring millionaires.

The Money Book for Freelancers - The reviewer calls it "the personal finance bible for those who get a 1099 instead of a W-2."

Outliers - A Review - Malcolm Gladwell's book is not specifically about money, but it's a fascinating look at success.

The Four Hour Work Week - Exaggeration? - Maybe a little, but you'll get some great lessons here regardless.

Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate: A Review - Loved it, used its lessons and profited from them.

Psych Yourself Rich - A Review - The good and the questionable in Farnoosh Torabi's book.

The Big Short: a Review - I loved the book and I'll tell you why--and add a note about popular delusions.

Review of Creating a World without Poverty - Muhammad Yunus is an inspiration, as is his book.

Review of the 1-2-3 Money Plan - Innovative way of presenting financial planning.

The Black Swan - A Review of Nassim Taleb's Book - And how I applied the lessons to our business.

More of the best money book and course reviews coming soon.

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Money Books Tip

If you like reading about ways to make money, you might like my own book on the subject. The "weird" in the title is more to attract attention (although some of the 101 ways are a bit strange, to say the least), but these are all jobs and businesses that people are really using to make money. You can learn more here:

101 Weird Ways to Make Money


Learn to love good books. There are treasures in books that all the money in the world cannot buy, but the poorest laborer can have for nothing. - Robert Ingersoll


Here's a money-saving routine for reading and collecting some of the best books on financial topics. As you run across recommendations and discover reviews of good books, make a list of the titles and authors. Then make an occasional trip to your local library to see if they have any of the title on the list. Read those, and buy them only if they are the kind of works that make a good ongoing reference. For the others on the list, go to and buy a used copy -- it's the information and ideas that are valuable after all, not the paper.

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