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Big Boogie Net Worth, Professional Life, Income, Family & More

Big Boogie has seen his career shoot upwards. But how rich is Big Boogie? In this article we’ll break down his earnings since seeing his career take off and answer the question: What is Big Boogie’s net worth?

Big Boogie Net Worth
Big Boogie Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$1 million
Born:August 30, 1989
Height:5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Detroit, MI
Source of Wealth (SOW):Music Industry
Updated:August 20, 2023

Southern rap has grown a lot in recent years. This boost in popularity has also driven the growth of many of the rap artists in the Tennessee area.

Big Boogie happens to be one of such rap artists. Hailing from the notoriously dangerous city of Memphis, Tennessee.

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John Lotts Before Becoming Big Boogie

Big Boogie was born with the birth name John Lotts. Entering into the world on the 4th of November, 1996. Lotts keeps the details of his parents and family a secret.

Although we know that he was born and grew up in Louisiana, the city of Jazz music and Cajun cuisine. Rumors say that Lotts’ father was a construction worker, who frequently had run-ins with the law.

And his mother was a housewife. However these claims haven’t been confirmed, and for now, the real story remains a mystery.

But Big Boogie hasn’t kept all of his early life story a secret, and he has let loose a few facts about his childhood.

While still young and in elementary school, Boogie moved from Louisiana to Memphis. A city known for its rich music history, and bustling music scene.

Big Boogie’s Enters The Music Game

Moving to Memphis exposed young John to one of the most iconic music cities in the whole of America. And that said exposure, was a big influence on Big Boogie deciding he was in fact destined to be a music artist.

Big Boogie took to the art form quickly, not only as a hobby, but because he needed to have an avenue to earn an income.

Unfortunately, tragedy hit John early in life, and his father passed away when he was still a young boy. Leaving Big Boogie’s mother alone at home to work for two and look after the boy at the same time.

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A real struggle. Growing up, John would often have to bear the burden of showing up to school in beat up, dirty clothes.

A circumstance which led him to being the target for nasty bullies. Living without the proper finances pushed Big Boogie to start his rap career at an early age.

And it became a way for him to churn up his own money for himself and his mother. It hasn’t been confirmed where Big Boogie went to high school, but it’s been revealed that he had enrolled into college.

Although Big Boogie didn’t end up actually going to the school, choosing instead to push forward in the music game.

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The Man Behind Big Boogie: John’s Personal Life

When it comes to his personal life, Big Boogie is a quiet man. Little is known about the details of his life, but a few facts have been confirmed.

It is known that Big Boogie has a daughter named Raya Joi Lotts, who was born on the 18th of December, 2019.

Also it was confirmed that Big Boogie had indeed dated a music artist named Reauna. Reanua also happens to be another artist in the Memphis area.

Big Boogie has revealed some insights into his personal way of living as well. He is a big spender, living boogie, often shopping for expensive clothing, and accessories.

Big Boogie Builds His Career

It would take another 4 years before Big Boogie released his first full mixtape 2018. But after that, Big Boogie went into grind mode.

Consistently pushing out mixtape after mixtape without much time in between each project. He would publish his rap songs on various music sharing platforms like the popular site, SoundCloud.

After working tirelessly for two years straight, producing song after song, Big Boogie would receive his shining moment.

One of his EP’s, Final Nightmare, became a breakthrough piece, and the mixtape brought Big Boogie a wider audience, bigger than ever before.

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Big Boogie’s next big step was starting a YouTube channel to promote and share his music. Big Boogie Music’s YouTube account went public in 2020.

One of his most popular YouTube videos is a music video for a remix of his song, Home Girl. The video has pulled over 10 million views.

Big Boogie signed with Yo Gotti’s CMG label, to join the roster in 2020. And would become one of Yo Gotti’s star apprentices.

To this day, Big Boogie is still on his grind, with his most recent mixtape being released in 2023. The tape, called Definition of Big Dude, was released only a year after his last project.

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Big Boogie’s Run In With The Law

Big Boogie hasn’t been immune to scrutiny from the law, and was involved in a police investigation for a shooting in 2020.

According to the story, a shooting had occurred at a concert organized by Big Boogie. The shooting left two dead, and four other people with near critical injuries.

While on his way to perform at another concert, Big Boogie alongside 20 other people, were arrested, after being flagged as suspects for the shooting.

After the police concluded their investigation, they found a man Sheldon Gibbs was the prime suspect for the shooting, and Big Boogie and the others were released free of charges.

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Big Boogie’s Social Media Life

Big Boogie posts content on social media, and is active on several platforms. On his Facebook, he has built up a following of  17K followers, and growing.

The account mostly features pictures and videos of his life behind the scenes, shooting music videos, and making announcements and updates.

Big Boogie also uses other social media sites including X, formerly Twitter, and Tiktok. He mostly uses the platforms as a conduit to connect with fans and share dates for upcoming performances and events.

Big BoogieSocial Media
YouTube subscribers:514K subscribers
TikTok handle@bigboogie
TikTok likes:6M likes
Facebook handleBigBoogieR4L
Facebook followers:17K followers
Twitter handlebig_boogie_r4l
Twitter followers:7K followers
Updated:August 20, 2023
Big Boogie head shot

Breaking Down Big Boogie’s Net Worth

So now let’s answer the big question: How wealthy is Big Boogie? Well, Big Boogie has without a doubt, pulled together an impressive amount of musical work over the years.

A task that is earning him a large and loyal following, as well as a handsome salary. Because he keeps his finances hush, hush, it isn’t known for sure what Big Boogie’s net worth is exactly.

But we can base our estimates on his earnings through his music sales, live performances, and other business ventures.

Doing so puts Big Boogie’s net worth at around $1 million. Being a successful rap artist is more than just writing and producing songs.

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Big Boogie earns his money not only through the sales of his rap albums and songs, but also through his live shows, which bring in crowds in the thousands.

FAQs on Big Boogie’s Net Worth

How Much Is The Rapper Big Boogie Worth?

As of the year 2023, Big Boogie has a net worth of approximately $450,000. Although these figures haven’t been confirmed.

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How Much Does Big Boogie Charge For A Show?

While there is no exact fee for how much Big Boogie’s cost per show is, his booking fee depends on a few factors. These include logistics like the time, date and location, as well as other factors influencing the market.

Does Big Boogie Have Kids?

Currently, it is known that Big Boogie has one daughter named Raya Joi Lotts. Although the mother’s identity isn’t public.

Where Is Big Boogie Originally From?

Big Boogie was originally born in the city of Louisiana. But as a boy, he moved cities to live in Memphis, Tennessee. He still lives there to this day.

What is Big Boogie’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Big Boogie’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. Big Boogie attained financial success through rap music, performances, and strategic collaborations.

It is crucial to mention that the net worth of Big Boogie is not a publicly accessible information and the exact figure cannot be verified.