Collecting and Selling Common Wildflowers


This is an idea that occurred to me when picking some common wildflowers for my wife. Not all of them are suitable for selling, but wild daisies are beautiful, and wild day lilies grow in large patches by old homesteads. The first idea here is that if it is Mother's day, Valentines Day or if you just live in an area where people will buy flowers on the street, you can make money today without investing a dime. Just pick them and sell the bouquets.

This is a bit like treasure hunting, since you go out to the woods and fields to search for something valuable. See if you are allowed to harvest the common wildflowers in your area, whether by permit on public lands or with permission on private property. Learn which ones are endangered or legally protected to avoid trouble and harm to the environment. Some of the best flowers for doing this are wild daisies, but a good flower guide will clue you into others to look for.

How Much Can You Make?

I have seen children picking wildflowers to make money, but I think there is some potential here for anyone who needs to raise a bit of cash quickly. In the right locations you could pick 50 bouquets in a few hours, and sell them for $3 to $6 each at a craft show, on the street or during events.

I would prefer to pick flowers rather than spending time selling them to the final customer, and if you feel the same, you might want to find a wholesale buyer who will pay you say, $2 per bunch, and buy 20 or more bouquets at once. Local flower shops come to mind, but you also might find a vendor at a farm market who wants to try selling them.

If you picked 40 bouquets and sold them for $4 each at a street fair, you could make $160 in a day.

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Buy vases at a local dollar store and you can probably add $2 to the price of a bouquet.

Experiment at home to see which species do best in a vase. You don't want your customers upset because the flowers died an hour later.

Cedar foliage sprays and other wild materials are used for filling out flower arrangements. You might collect these while you are picking those common wildflowers, and sell them to florists.

First Steps

Decide if there is a market you can target. Then go pick some flowers and give it a try.


National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers: Eastern Region, by William A. Niering and John W. Thieret - Knopf 2001. - Photos and information on common wildflowers.

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