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Crip Mac Net Worth, Age, Professional Life, Earnings and More

He is a viral star that came out of nowhere, famous for his unique personality, face tattoos, blue attire, and his signature sayings. Crip Mac is a social media personality, American rapper, and gang member, who has been popping up all over the internet. But what is Crip Mac’s net worth?

Crip Mac Net Worth
Crip Mac Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$1 Million
Born:February 28, 1993
Height:5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Los Angeles, CA
Source of Wealth (SOW):Music Industry
Updated:September 17, 2023

Due to his life story, and persona, he became in high demand, appearing in all kinds of YouTube channels and podcasts. Crip Mac is no doubt getting paid. But how rich is Crip Mac? Keep reading as we take a look into the story behind Crip Mac’s net worth.

Crip Mac’s Early Life In The Hard Streets Of Los Angeles

There remain some unanswered questions when it comes to Crip Mac’s full story. For example, Crip Mac’s real name is still unknown to the public. However, we know that he was born on the 20th of February, 1993.

Crip Mac quote

Young Crip and his mother moved to Houston, Texas so Crip’s mom could be with her boyfriend who was living there. He went to high school for a couple years during his time there.

But Crip Mac’s mom’s relationships wouldn’t last long, and she would move from boyfriend to boyfriend. And after a couple of years, Crip chose to head back home to LA where he would continue living with his aunt.

Crip Mac’s stint with his aunt was short lived, and Crip ended up moving from place to place.

Before finding his current line of work, Crip made a go at becoming a mechanical tech, and had worked as a mechanic’s assistant for some time.

Unfortunately, that job wouldn’t last long, as Crip went to drinking heavily. Downing bottles of Old English from dawn to dusk.

Crip Mac continued to move around town before finally settling into the 55th Street neighborhood in LA.

The Life Behind A 55th Street Crip: Crip Mac’s Personal Life

Crip Mac keeps most of his personal life quiet, although he has revealed he has a girlfriend.

Another part of his life he has opened up about is his struggles with mental health problems from schizophrenia. A disease which Mac has been struggling with since a young boy, causing him to battle with symptoms like paranoia, and depression.

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Becoming A Crip: Crip Mac’s Journey After Finding 55th Street

After moving to 55th Street, Crip Mac quickly found himself joining the Crips gang. One of the most well known gangs in the United States.

When Crip Mac went through the gang’s initiation, he had to get jumped in an alley and take a beating in order to join.

The gang has some rivalries, between other gangs and within the gang as well. Rival Crip sets who will attack other Crip factions.

Throughout the years of being in the gang, Crip Mac has been in and out of prison a handful of times. Although it isn’t clear exactly what he’s gone to prison for.

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His most recent confrontation with the law enforcement found him being arrested for allegedly having narcotics and weapons.

The life of a 55th Street Crip definitely isn’t peaceful and rosy, and Crip Mac has been involved in many fights and altercations. In 2022, he got jumped and received a bad beating to the body and face, due to the people he was affiliated with.

Crip Mac’s Music Career Progression

Although it isn’t what he’s mostly known for, Crip Mac also has a rap career. Mac started writing songs while incarcerated in prison. But 2017 marked the year that C-Mac started to rap seriously and not just for a hobby.

Although he doesn’t release a ton of music, he has slowly been releasing his original raps on sites like YouTube and Spotify.

Crip Mac has also produced a couple music videos for his songs, including Opp Goblin and Western Wiggle.

Crip Mac Builds His Business Up

Although his music never blew up, Crip Mac managed to find traction through his appearances on several YouTube videos.

Crip Mac quote

And he would build a following through his outspoken, charismatic personality and his efforts to help spread positivity in the community.

In his videos, Crip Mac would do things like give food to the homeless, talk about his experiences, or spread mental health awareness.

Crip Mac’s exposure reached a time of exponential growth when he appeared on Andrew Callaghan’s YouTube channel, Channel 5 News. Channel 5 news was a big trending YouTube channel, which featured Andrew Callaghan as the interviewer.

The theme of the show was Andrew would go out on the street and do interviews with unique characters.

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In Crip Mac’s appearance on the channel, he made a big impression on the video, showcasing his big persona, and his lifestyle as a 55th Street Crip. He also took the crew to show him giving food to the homeless, and pushing positivity.

Crip Mac And The 55th Street Crips On Social Media

Crip MacSocial Media
Instagram handle:cripmac_
Instagram followers:96K followers
TikTok handle@therealcripmac
TikTok likes:2M likes
Facebook handlecripmac55thstreet
Facebook followers:5K followers
Twitter handleCripMac
Twitter followers:5K followers
Updated:September 17, 2023

After finding his way to becoming a famous sensation on the internet, Crip Mac is now one of the most viral gang-affiliated internet personas of recent times.

On Instagram, he shares pictures and videos of his personal and work life. Some examples of what these posts look like include, him training boxing, showcasing luxury cars, and him hanging with other content creators.

His account on Instagram holds over 96K followers. And he is probably the most followed person affiliated with the 55th Street Crips.

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Digging Into Crip Mac’s Net Worth

Although Crip Mac has humble beginnings, he has landed himself into the fast lane of life, with his music and work as an internet personality. Through all of his ventures and efforts, Crip Mac’s income has built him a fortune. With estimates putting Crip Mac’s net worth at around $1 million.

So how much does it pay to be an internet sensation like Crip Mac? Well it depends on what people are willing to pay for you it seems. Having a hot name that is in demand for YouTube, live streams, and podcast interviews can have very generous payouts. For Crip Mac, that charge is set at around $1000 per interview appearance.

Crip Mac head shot

Crip Mac’s other main source of income is his rap music. His music has gained some traction in recent years. His music video for the song Western Wiggle reached 1 million views on YouTube. And he has developed a consistent audience who follow his music.

Crip Mac FAQs

Where Is C-Mac From?

Crip Mac was born and raised in the rougher side of Los Angeles, California. He currently resides in the 55th Street neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

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What Does 55th Street Crip Mean?

The 55th Street Crips are a gang which branches off of the larger Crip gang. They are located in the 55th Street neighborhood, hence the name 55th Street Crips. The 55th Street Crips faction, are known for being ruthless and cold blooded. Willing to do anything for the money.

What Music Label Is Crip Mac Signed To?

Crip Mac isn’t an independent artist and works as a part of a music label. He signed with a local label company, called Extra’d Out/5Mous Entertainment.

What Is Crip Mac’s Real Name?

Crip Mac’s real name continues to remain a mystery. To this day, the only name he is known for going by, is the name Crip Mac.

It should be noted that the net worth of Crip Mac is not a matter of public record and the exact number cannot be determined.