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Resume services, unemployment offices, websites that list openings--these all help people find jobs. But the idea presented here is something more than that. It is a service that helps change the way a person looks at jobs, and helps the client not only get to a paycheck, but to find more meaningful ways to make money.

This sounds a bit like a "career coach," but that's not really it either. I don't have a name for the position/business yet, but it is something like a "money mindset mentor" combined with a job placement service. I'm thinking of a one-stop get-the-client-on-track financial service. Making money will not be considered as separate from other goals and values.

This is best explained by example. You come to me (hypothetically--I have no interest in actually doing this work myself) after a few years working as warehouse guard. You currently make $12 per hour and you hate your job. You want to make more money and/or find something more interesting to do.

We start with a long questionnaire and interview, to determine what your talents are, what you might enjoy doing, what kind of experience you have, and so on. Then as your "money mentor" I start doing some research. I find not only the best types of jobs for you, but I also look into who is hiring, how they typically choose new employees, and how much they pay.

But I don't just help people find jobs. I also look into any appropriate business opportunities that fit client's profiles. I look too at longer-term possibilities, such as jobs that a client can get easily as a way to get trained for a business.

My own experience is that most people are very limited in their thinking about money and especially about jobs and businesses. With a mentoring business like this, then, my job would be expand a client's mind. He or she should be able to quickly list six or more reasons for getting a job, for example, while most people can only think of a couple (because they like it and it pays the bills). I would be training clients to see how to use a job as a tool. Making $10 per hour cleaning houses is not much fun, for example, but it takes only a few months experience and a few hundred dollars to be prepared to start a cleaning business based on this experience--and that could lead to a six-figure income.

Developing contacts with some of the best employers around would add value to such a service. This would make it possible to sometimes quickly "place" a person in a new and better job.

In addition to the job and business part of the money equation, the idea here is to also get the client thinking about all important goals and values and how money affects these. If going to a monastery in Tibet to study is important, for example, takes careful thinking about the money necessary--how to make it and whether income is currently going out in less important directions.

Essentially the idea here is to provide total support for a client and their financial and career goals, and coaching as to the "meaning of money" matters.

Possible name: "Your Personal Money Guru."

How Much Can You Make?

This is in the "ideas" part of the website, so there is no way to say if the concept will work for you or produce any income. As a one-man operation your income might be limited, although it seems reasonable to charge at least $25 per hour for the service.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

Of course you can tie this in with all sorts of related businesses, such as a resume submission service, or a resume preparation business.

Qualifications / Requirements

To start such a business you would have to have some serious experience with jobs and businesses. As a total money mentor you would be best suited if you had started at least one business before, held ten or more jobs, and handled your personal financial matters with some skill.

First Steps

Create a plan for your business, list at least a dozen ways you'll help people find jobs or business opportunities, make a questionnaire for clients, and so on.


Money Coach Training - This is one of the many places to get a certification or two, which is good for marketing purposes.

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