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By Eric Hammer

This title is a bit misleading. You're not really doing homework for money. Instead, you're helping people with their homework for money. This is a very important distinction: academic fraud is highly problematic from a moral standpoint if not from a legal standpoint. However, helping someone with their homework for money is perfectly acceptable -- it's called tutoring.

Basically, what you would do is to help adults and children with questions that they don't understand in exchange for money. The way you do it is through various answer websites similar to Yahoo! Answers and Amazon Askville. The difference however is that these places pay you with cash instead of points so that you can earn real money for sharing what you know.

You can also go the more traditional tutoring route, offering to tutor children and adults online, again, helping with homework for money, though not necessarily doing homework for money. There are of course some places where you can literally do homework for money. A number of websites specialize in providing custom written academic papers and while it's technically not a crime to do so, it is considered highly immoral.

How Much Can You Make?

While some people do make their entire living from this, most people make a few dollars a month, sometimes as much as a few hundred dollars a month. Websites that pay for offering to help with homework for money typically offer around 25-50% of the amount paid by the person asking the question, acting as kind of middle man.

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Those wishing to make this a career can of course get tutoring jobs and indeed, we've added a couple of places where you can work online as tutor for more money than these question answering services offer.

In all cases remember that you will need to provide a high quality answer which truly answers the question and is authoritative. People who are paying for answers to these questions are not after all willing to spend money for a one line answer which is offered flippantly.

Qualifications / Requirements

You'll need a computer with Internet access along with either specialized knowledge in certain areas or the ability to research questions in specific areas. Think of this as being very similar to working with places like Yahoo! Answers with the difference being that the often flippant answers you see on such sites are a waste of time here.

First Steps

Start by registering for the various services that let you help people with homework for money. Make sure to fill in your complete profile including areas of knowledge and then begin answering questions.


Check out these helpful resources to learn more about helping people with homework for money:

Ace My Homework - A good example of one of the places you can find work.

Student of Fortune - A website which offers to let you ask questions and get answers from experts. You can register and earn a portion of the money paid by people who are asking the questions.

Just Answer - Similar to Student of Fortune, you are helping people with homework for money. You'll answer questions posed by ordinary people looking for expert advice and information. - Another site similar to those above, however also offers the ability to do real time chat tutoring with students.

Smart Thinking - A website similar to, though here you may also be hired to help someone write a paper.

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