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I have made some real estate profits myself over the years, and I will probably include those stories here in time. In the pages of this section you'll find many different ways to make money with real estate; as a speculator, a cash-flow investor, a developer, a option-flipper, and much more. There really are many more ways than you might realize to get into real estate. At the moment I make good money with a website on the subject. I offer a free course there, if you are interested, and there is a subscription form below.

If you are interested in investing in general be sure to also check out the section on diversified investments. It is good to have your money in more than one part of the economy, and in that section of the site you'll find some ways to invest that you probably haven't though of.

The Real Estate Profits Pages

Rent a Room - Make money with that spare bedroom, or even a sleeper sofa,using the internet to find guests.

A Strategy for Rental Condos - Buy for cash flow and the possible profit from selling.

Maximize Rental Property Income - Raising rents and lowering them are both possible ways to do this--along with several other good ones.

Slumlording - How to make better cash-on-cash returns by providing low-income housing.

Fixer-Upper Mobile Home Investments - An often overlooked opportunity.

Split Land - The most basic form of real estate development, with an example and some tips.

How to Be a Real Estate Agent - The basic requirements and what you might make in this field.

Best REITs - How to find them, and why investing through the stock market might be better at times.

Selling Mobile Homes in Your Park - A strategy for getting 20% or higher annual returns on your investments.

Mobile Home Investing - Why mobile home rentals can provide more cash flow and greater equity buildup.

Buy Rental Property Fixer Uppers - A strategy for safer, more profitable investing.

Foreign Real Estate Investment - An Example - The market in Israel and resources for information on other countries.

Start a House Staging Business - Making homes for sale look good so they sell faster at a higher price.

The Capital Gains Exemption House Flipping Plan - Sell you're home and pay no taxes on the profit, then repeat the process.

Unusual Real Estate Options - Did you know you can effectively use options to become a real estate agent without a license?

Buy in the Path of Growth - A basic strategy that has worked for as long as there have been real estate investors.

Flipping Land: A Strategy - Based on my own experiences with small properties.

Making Money Flipping Houses - How to do it safely in a tough real estate market.

Less-Speculative Land Investments - Don't just bet on appreciation when you can create it.

Profit from Renting Rooms in Your House - A look at the potential and how to realize it.

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Real Estate Investing Tip

Combine several strategies for maximum profits and safety. For example, if you buy a rental that produces good cash flow you can make money even if real estate values go down. But if you buy with good cash flow in an area where prices are already rising, you are safer and likely to make more in the long run. If you buy a fixer upper and add $30,000 in value for $15,000 in repairs, and you then get good cash flow renting the house, and it is in an area with rising prices, then you are doing really well.

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