Fully Diversified Investments

The idea behind these pages is that it is easier to build a portfolio of diversified investments if you open your mind to the many different ways to invest and things to invest in. You'll find some possibilities that you may not have considered. In fact, some of the entries here are also listed in the section index for Odd Ways to Make Money. There are relatively safe investments and risky ones too, and of course, we offer no specific advice nor do we promise any results.

The Diversified Investment Pages

Invest in a Band Online - A new way to support musicians and maybe make some money.

Invest in Movies - Most movies never make a penny for their investors. On the other hand, when they pay off, they pay big.

Rug Dealer - This is one of the "business' pages, but when you see the prices rugs can go for you might consider investing in them.

Investing in Wine - Some clues and tips for investing in a tricky market.

How to Loan Money for Profit - Lending to friends, family - and complete strangers online?

Investment Cars - A Different Kind of Investing - Not a bad way to make some extra money if you like cars...

Retirement Cash Instead of Income - How to pay thousands less in taxes when drawing from your retirement account.

Finding the Best REITs - High yields from real estate investing without the usual work.

Investing in High Dividend Stocks - Make more money with less risk using solid investments that pay well.

A Political Investment? - All about "prediction markets," and how to bet on who will win an election.

Selling Naked Put Options - Make money without owning the stocks? You bet.

How to Trade Currencies - The basics, some tips, and a few warnings as well.

A Basic Covered Calls Strategy - Buying low-price stocks and selling high-priced options on them.

How to Invest in Foreign Currency - Investing is not the same as trading, and there are even FDIC-insured accounts for this.

The Best Online Banking - There are some option you may not have heard of.

Sell Call Options to Boost Your Stock Income - You can make money on your stocks without selling them.

Investing in Coins - The basics of how to get started and make money with collectible coins.

Land Investments - Less-speculative ones based on using three proven strategies.

Buy in the Path of Growth - Many real estate investments are really businesses that involve a lot of hands-on work, and so are not included in this index (although all are found on this page: Real Estate Profits). Some, though, like this basic speculative plan, are a good choice for adding to your diversified investments.

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Diversified Investments - Ideas

Keep in mind that good diversification means more than just owning stocks in different industries. You also need to be diversified in terms of asset classes. Don't buy just stocks, in other words. Put some money in precious metals, real estate, or collectibles (if you have the knowledge to make good choices). It even makes sense to have some of your money sitting in a bank, just in case an investment opportunity presents itself.

Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed. - Mohandas K. Gandi

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