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Whether you need to raise cash or just simplify your life, selling your stuff is a way to do both. What's the best way to cash in? The answer to that question depends on whether a fast sale or getting the most money is the more important goal for you. It also depends on what types of things you are selling. Let's look at some of the options for selling your excess possessions, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pawn Shop(Flickr photo by Ken Teegardin)

Pawn Shops

This is perhaps the fastest way to sell your stuff, and if you really just need the cash but don't want to part with your things you can pawn them and get them back later. You will almost never get the highest price for your things selling this way though. If a used stereo will sell for $100 to a retail buyer, for example, a pawn shop is unlikely to give you more than $35. A pawn shop is a good place to sell things that would be too tedious to sell on your own. For example, it might be too much trouble to sell one DVD at a time if you have a hundred to get rid of, but a pawn shop might buy them all at once - even if at a steep discount.

Garage Sale

You'll get more selling things at a garage sale than at a pawn shop - if you sell them. Their are some problems with garage sales. First, they really only work if you have a decent location. You can get some traffic from newspaper classified advertising, but many people search out garage sales by driving around on Fridays and Saturdays, looking for signs. It also takes some time and effort to organize a garage sale.

One advantage of going this route, though, is that you can sell your friends' stuff for a commission, and you might even try selling cold pop and snacks to generate extra income from the sale. Another advantage is that if enough people come, you can sell anything from kitchen pans to books and bicycles. Our page on having a successful garage sale will help.

Flea Market

There are different types of flea markets, but if you have one near you that lets you set up a few tables for less than $20, it can be a better way to go than spending that money on an ad for a rummage sale. Some decent flea markets will have a thousand shoppers come through on a Saturday - more than you'll ever get for a yard sale. This is an especially good way to sell your stuff if you have many unusual items or collections, like old radios or a CD collection.

Here's a trick for getting rid of everything: toward the end of the day approach one of the regular vendors and ask if he or she would like to buy everything you have left for a low price, to resell for a profit.

Consignment Shops

On obvious disadvantage of selling things this way is the commission. Typically you'll pay from 30% to 60% of the sales price to the shop. For example, our local consignment furniture store takes 40% if the item sells within a month, and 50% after that. On the other hand, they also get much more than one would typically get at a rummage sale. In fact, we have bought furniture at garage sales and sold the items at the used furniture store, making a decent profit even after the 40% commission. Clothing is difficult to sell in other ways, so stores that sell it for you are a good way to go. Even if a store does not advertise itself as a consignment operation you might ask. A bicycle shop might sell your bike for a commission, for example.


Before you try any of the other methods here think about what you need to sell and which friends or family members might want to buy your things. Give them a call. You'll probably get a better price than at a pawn shop.

Newspaper Classified Ads

This can be expensive if the newspaper is a widely-circulated one, and people shop by way of newspapers less and less. On the other hand, there are some small papers that still cater to classified advertisers and shoppers and offer free placement. In that case it might be worth trying this first if you are not in a hurry to sell. This is also a decent way to sell large furniture, bicycles and other things that don't ship easily enough to sell on the internet.


Craigslist is a relatively efficient way to sell your stuff, and has largely replaced traditional classified advertising. Basic ads are still free. It works best if there is a section for your city. In small towns it doesn't work quite as well. Where we live, for example, you would have to advertise under the heading for a city 40 miles away. Craigslist is better than eBay for selling large items that you wouldn't want to ship.


This is perhaps the best way to get top dollar for obscure things like collectable dolls or knives, and just about anything that has only a few potential buyers in any given area. There might be no buyers for old "Objectivist Newsletter" issues or Russian army boots where you live, for example, but if there are a dozen potential buyers for either scattered around the country you can be sure that half of them check eBay regularly.

Other Ways to Sell Your Stuff

Large items can sometimes be sold just by displaying them where there is traffic. This is certainly true for cars, which can be parked in busy locations with a "for sale" sign, but you can also sell furniture or large exercise equipment in this way from your front yard if you live on a fairly busy street.

Here's how to sell your stuff in a more creative way, and for a higher price: have a raffle. For example, if you have a television worth about $80, get ten friends to each buy a $10 ticket and have a drawing at a party. You'll make $100 (minus the cost of the tickets, but you can print these out yourself on your computer.

Finally, if the more important goal is to get rid of your things - and you itemize on your tax return - you might do best giving everything away to a thrift store run by a charity and taking a deduction.

How Much Can You Make?

I recently talked to guy who spent years restoring classic old cars, and when he discovered Ebay he made over $20,000 selling off all his leftover parts. Most of us don't have that much "stuff capital" banked in our garages and attics, but you might have a few hundred dollars' worth of things you can use to raise cash.

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If you choose to sell your things by way of Ebay or Craigslist you might volunteer to sell your friends things as well - for a 20% or 30% commission, of course. You'll be dealing with taking photos, answering phone calls or emails, shipping and such anyhow, so why not make some extra cash while you're at it?

Qualifications / Requirements

Stuff to sell.

First Steps

Gather up all the things you no longer need and decide whether you want to sell fast or get top dollar. Then choose one or more of the methods above accordingly.


Craigslist - One of the busiest websites on the internet, and a great place to sell your stuff.

eBay - A bit trickier to sell things here, but good for special items.

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