The Weirdest Jobs

By Steve Gillman

The following are a few of the many jobs we discovered when researching online. They may be some of the weirdest jobs you have read about, and that is their appeal--reading about them. You would probably prefer not to be hired for most of them. At least one of the positions we "discovered" may not even exist (sometimes things are invented online because it's easier than actually reporting on what's out there).

Snake Milker

No, you do not have to milk little snake breasts for this job (now that would be really weird). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to wrangle poisonous snakes and get there fangs over the edge of a laboratory beaker in order to "milk" them of their venom. You will be (most likely) working for a university, laboratory, or pharmaceutical company. The venom is used for the production of antivenom, which is used to save the lives of those who have been bitten by poisonous snakes.

Some resources online claim that you'll need a degree in biology, biochemistry or herpetology, but that may depend on where you work and the regulations in that state. With or without the educational credentials it would be wise to get a job assisting someone who is already doing this work before trying it on your own. Though some sources say snake-milkers make around $2,500 per month, there is no category in the Bureau of Labor Statistics for this position, so it's difficult to say what you might make. On the other hand, since some types of snake venom can sell for $2,000 per gram, and you can die if you make a mistake while doing this work, it should pay a decent wage.


A diener prepares cadavers for a pathologist. This is done prior to the pathologist doing an autopsy in a hospital or other institution. If you work in this position you'll be responsible for handling, moving, and cleaning the corpse. In some cases you'll also perform the dissection of the body. According to Wikipedia, the job title of diener comes from the German word Leichendiener, which, when literally translated, means "corpse servant." It is not easy to find information on how to qualify for the job or what the average pay is, so feel free to enlighten us if you work in this field.

Tampon Tester

This is one of those jobs that you read about around the internet, but may not exist. I could not find any evidence of such positions. I got no results when searching the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) website, for example. A general search engine query yields only those sites that have this on their "weirdest jobs" lists. I suspect that tampons have to be tested, but perhaps it is done using machines and is just one of many tasks that some employees at the manufacturing facilities have to do, rather than a separate full-time position.

Subliminal Painter

Bernard Morin of Morrocco created a concept called "subliminal positive pictures." He adds positive and motivating words to his paintings, writing them many times in many different directions until they become essentially illegible. The idea is that when people view these paintings the subconscious mind picks up on the affirmations and is positively affected by them. He sells watercolors, oil paintings and has even has his work featured on several stamps for the Royal Post of Magreb in Morrocco.

Bernard sells the painting he does for as little as $45, but has made a decent income from them for years. If you want some inspiration for creating your own new art form, you can visit his website here:

You can also read an interview with him and see an example of his art here:

Geodesic Dome Designer

If you are looking to work outdoors you might sell your services building dome-shaped buildings for storage, homes and more. But Phillip Reed prefers to sell the designs so customers can build these structures themselves. For example, he sells the plans for a take-apart geodesic dome for $21.75 (as of 2012). It's a 49-page guide that includes more than two dozen drawings and details how to make a building with a diametere of 16 1/2 feet. You can see his website (and the dome buildings) here:

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