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Breath Odor Evaluator: How to Make Big Money in 2024

When it comes to strange jobs, a breath odor evaluator has to be one of the weirdest around.

However, when you take the time to think about it, there has to be someone who is working as breath odor evaluator .

After all, when manufacturers work on creating new kinds of gums or mints, someone needs to judge whether or not the stuff is really effective.

Become a breath Odor Evaluator

That’s what the breath odor evaluators do.

In essence, you would work for a major corporation which manufactures various foods.

You would stick your nose into people’s mouths all day long in order to find out whether their breath stinks or smells good after trying out some new formulation of a good with a minty taste.

How does the breath odor evaluator work?

A breath odor evaluator will smell a subject’s breath. Next he rates the breath from 1 to 9.

Then the subject tries a new product, a gum or a mouthwash.

Finally, the breath odor evaluator smells the new smelling breath and rates it.

In addition, there are also some people who work as researchers in breath odor, trying to determine what causes it.

These people usually are employed in research at universities (there is even a group for them – the International Society for Breath Odor Research.

Finally, there are some dentists who work as breath evaluators, helping to diagnose bad breath in individuals and prescribing specific treatments to help them overcome this problem.

How Much Can You Make?

Because this job is so rare, salary data is really not available.

However, we would imagine the salary would be in the low six figures since this kind of work typically requires a scientific background in the field of halitosis research.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

Given that this kind of job is so rare, it’s difficult to pin down more information about being a breath odor evaluator.

However, those interested in this field may also want to consider working in a specialized field of dentistry which diagnoses halitosis and helps people to overcome this problem.

If you are determined to work as a breath odor evaluator for a major corporation, be prepared to do the legwork to contact various companies.

Then ask them firsthand how one may get such a job from them.

Qualifications / Requirements

While there is no formal education that can be prepare you for this job, generally it would be helpful to have a PhD in dentistry.

A specialization in halitosis research would help, so that you can better understand what causes bad breath.

First Steps to become a breath odor evaluator

Look on the back of packages of chewing gum and mints to find out who manufacturers the products.

Then, look up the phone numbers for corporate headquarters at these companies. Be sure not to call customer service as they will likely have no information.

Explain that you are interested in becoming a breath evaluator and ask if they employ someone who does this at their research department.

If the person you speak to do doesn’t know, ask if you can talk directly to the food research department to find out more about becoming a breath evaluator.


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