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How to Make Money Driving in 2024? Surprising! Deliver cars!

Get Paid to Deliver Cars! Yes! That’s possible! Right now, all across the country, thousands of people are getting paid to deliver cars to the far reaches of the United States and Canada.

How do they Get Paid to Deliver Cars?

For sure we’re not talking about people who drive giant trucks with ten cars loaded on them.

Get Paid to Deliver Cars

We’re talking about individual people’s cars being driven across the country and specialty cars being driven cross country as well.

In both cases, people make good money doing this work and very people even know that the job exists.

Basically, there are two kinds of jobs where you can get paid to deliver cars.

The first way to get paid to deliver cars is to do it for private people.

This usually involves people who are moving to another state.

They will often fly or ride in a U-Haul truck with their personal belongings to get to their new home.

But what about their personal car?

Who drives that to their new home?

The answer of course is that you do.

While it is also possible to hire a company that will load your personal car onto a car transport truck, many people prefer to simply have their cars driven.

They usually get there faster and the car often arrives in better condition.

Another way to get paid to deliver cars is for specialty cars

Specialty cars such as ambulances, limousines, delivery trucks and even school buses are all driven from the manufacturer (or port where they arrive if manufactured overseas) to the local place where they will ultimately be delivered.

In general, those who have a regular driver’s license can take a job delivering these vehicles as well.

How Much Can You Make when you get paid to deliver cars?

According to one site, Roadrat, which sells a kind of kit for those interested in pursuing a career like this, people who do this on a full time basis typically take home around $50,000 per year or about $200 per day.

CNN by contrast, did a short article on the subject (you can see both articles below) and mentions that the average pay is around 35 cents per mile plus airfare to fly home.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

Keep one thing in mind when considering taking a job delivering cars: like trucking it is a very lonely life.

You will spend long hours on the road, going through endless stretches of highway.

And while you can indeed see many of the wonders of our nation as you pass through different towns, remember that you’ll have a schedule you are expect to keep.

If you do need extra cash to help make ends meet, consider searching for bad credit car loans online.

That schedule typically allows you enough time to stop off for a night to sleep along with bathroom breaks and time to gas up the vehicle you are driving, but not a whole lot more unless you are speeding (in which case, you could have trouble landing these kinds of jobs because your driving record needs to be reasonably clean).

That said, you do have the freedom of the open road and you can often take downtime in between jobs to go and see whatever it is you’d like to see in your final destination.

Qualifications / Requirements to get paid to deliver cars

Generally, you need to really enjoy driving and traveling from place to place.

If you think the local greasy spoon is a great place to grab a bite to eat, then you have one of the most important qualifications for this job (on the other hand, if you like fine dining and bedding down in your own home each night, look elsewhere).

Beyond that, you’ll need a regular driver’s license (some states require you to have chauffer’s license, though these generally are not too difficult to get) and a reasonably clean driving record (one speeding ticket likely won’t sink your chances, but if you’ve had a series of bad accidents, you’d best look elsewhere for work.

And check your eyesight before you drive again).

First Steps to get paid to deliver cars

Start by taking the test at Roadrat.

While they are trying to sell you something, taking the test in an honest way will help you gauge if this job is one you really want to take.

If you find that this does seem to fit with your needs, check the local classifieds to see if someone is moving and would like their car driven cross country.

This would make a good first job to get your feet wet.

Then, look into additional work for companies that manufacture and sell specialty vehicles or companies that hire people to transport vehicles.


Check out these helpful resources to find out more about delivering cars for a living:

Car Monkey: Auto Driveaway – This is a good introduction to the idea of delivering private cars for a living.

It gives you lots of good information about the business.

CNN Money: Five Fun Ways to Make Quick Cash – This article actually turned us on to Roadrat, however it has some good information not included on that site.

Image by Mike Renlund via Unsplash