How to Be a Dice Inspector

By Eric Hammer

When it comes to obscure jobs, few are as hard to track down information on as a dice inspector. While this job regularly makes lists of people’s "weird" and "odd" jobs lists, finding more information about it is extremely difficult, possibly because the world of casinos tend to be so secretive.

Because this business is so hard to find information about, our discussion on how to be a dice inspector will by necessity be a bit short and a bit lacking in some of the details that many other articles here tend to have.

Dice inspectors work for a variety of companies. State authorities, casinos and even dice manufacturers tend to employ people to inspect dice. The dice need to be as perfect a cube as they can be humanly made. Casino dice are also made in very specific ways, with some casino dice actually bearing a serial number from the casino. The idea is to prevent the possibility of cheating (the dice inspectors mostly look at dice before they go out on the playing room floor, though if there is some doubt, they may be called in to inspect dice that are out there already).Dice

If the dice have been deemed defective, they may be sold or destroyed, however even the ones that are sold are typically marked as such so that you cannot go and use them to cheat in the games.

How Much Can You Make?

We were unable to locate any salary data specifically about dice inspectors, however the average salary for higher end casino employees tends to be in the low five figures to low six figures, so it’s a reasonable bet that a dice inspector earns a similar salary.

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Keep in mind that casinos and dice manufacturers are obsessed with security. Therefore, you will likely be required to pass a background check before you are allowed to work as a dice inspector. Since no schools exist for dice inspectors, it is also reasonable to assume that most people who work in this rarefied profession get their training by apprenticing under an existing dice inspector.

The best way to find out more about the job is to contact several casinos and dice manufacturers (see the resources below) to ask them about openings for dice inspectors and what they are looking for.

Qualifications / Requirements

We were unable to locate any specific requirements for a dice inspector, however, given that the job requires a great deal of training and precision, we believe that casinos will require people to have at least a college degree, if only to prove they are studious people who can be trusted to take the time to learn about this job.

First Steps

Start by contacting dice manufacturers and casinos and asking about how to become a dice inspector. Explain that you are interested and ask if you can talk to a dice inspector on the premises to find out how he or she got the job to begin with.


Check out these helpful resources to find out more about how to become a dice inspector:

American Gaming Association – This is the official website for the American gaming association, which represents most major casinos in the United States. You can contact them directly to find out more about what it takes to become a professional dice inspector.

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