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How to Sell Feet Pics and Make Big Money (2024 Guide)

You can sell feet pics on specialized platforms like Instafeet, Feetfinder or on social media (Instagram, Tiktok). Feet pics sell between $10 to $1000.

The editorial team at EveryWayToMakeMoney recommends FeetFinder as the preferred site for selling feets pics!

This article might have a very different tone if it were posted in 1998.  Then, we’d be talking fetishes that may be a bit embarrassing.

However, we live in an age with guerilla marketing, content providing, content marketing, myriad social media, and the fandom of all time that keeps social media vital.

Boy feet with face drawing on toes
Image by Brunn0 via Pixabay

Therefore, feet photos have value for the same reasons that a lot of photos do.  One can sell them as stock photos, for sites that sell toe rings or sandals or foot products of any kind; to various lifestyle sites; and to websites for people who like photos of feet.

Selling Feet Pics Online Makes Sense: Here’s How

Whether you’re looking for a special someone to share your intimates with or you’re simply trying to make some extra cash, All Things Worn is the perfect place for you.

The main way to sell pics online is to businesses.  Sometimes small businesses need pics of feet: shoe stores may need them to show arches or how to size shoes.

Whether you’re looking for a special someone to share your intimates with or you’re simply trying to make some extra cash, a platform like All Things Worn is the perfect place for you.

If you are wearing toe rings or have tattoos, that can illustrate products for the right businesses.

Pictures of feet poking out from under comforters can show family togetherness or coziness. 

The feet of a leaping person can show good luck or joy–get in the stock photos mindset, and it’s easy to see how it just makes sense to sell feet pictures online. 

You can also sell feet pictures to businesses that will turn them around and sell the pics for a profit.  Because these businesses have a demand for foot pics, a seller has good prospects of finding a buyer. 

When one adds smaller markets of individual foot enthusiasts, you can see that you can definitely earn some extra cash selling feet pictures online.

Now, as with any online venture, some people will turn it into a lucrative score.  There are people who make multiple thousands of dollars per month selling feet pics online. 

These folks are most likely good photographers, as well as aggressive marketers and savvy businesspeople. At least a couple of these traits are pretty easy to learn.

Let’s take a look at the buyers of online feet pics. 

Shutterstock feet pics for sale
Shutterstock feet pics for sale

First off, you have stock photo sites. As you know, these sites are all about collecting and providing as wide a variety of photos for any occasion. 

It really doesn’t matter who uses the photos for what, there just have to be pics of everything under the sun, and that includes feet. 

Then you have content creators of all kinds: bloggers, ad agencies, production companies, graphic designers, and similar creative types.

Sometimes companies in healthcare or clothing industries will create their own content rather than going through a media company.  They can then be good buyers.

Step-by-step Guide To Selling Feet Pics Online

Social Media

OK, adventurer, we’ll start our guide with various social media sites that are havens for the sale of pics of your tootsies.

1. How to Sell Feet Pics Online With Facebook

Image via Facebook - Feet pic for sale public group
Image via Facebook – Feet pic for sale public group

Think about it: who do you know without a Facebook account? You’re really shooting for the whole wide world with this universal social networking site. 

It’s easier than you may think, since there are indeed groups dedicated to feet lovers. 

Again, it doesn’t have to be the kind of fetish that might make someone cringe.  And if you check out groups and they look sketchy, you don’t need to share photos on it.

Once you have gotten a sense of the market you can tap into, follow these steps:

  • Create a business account– For pretty apparent reasons, you can’t be selling feet pics under your real name. While you may have to give a name to set up a business account, that doesn’t mean the name appears on  the page.  For example, if your name is Robby Dobbie, but your business is called Dob’s Pics, it is “Dob’s Pics” that will appear as the page’s name.
  • Create a page for your business- When you create a business page, you have a place to post pics, videos, updates, etc. It’s different from what you post on a personal timeline, because it’s kept on your page in an organized manner, rather than one post just being on top of one another.
  • Invite people– When you have a business page on Facebook for your feet selling business, you invite people to join the group of that business.  That’s a bit different from being “friends” with the person, because it’s a one-way street.
  • Post content– You can post any kind of content you think will be positive for your business.  You may use the strategy of being personable and telling things about your personal life so folks will be drawn to you.  You can post just about any content you’d like, possibly involving one or two “free samples” of your feet, so long as that you’re not providing too much free stuff.  Make it a promise of more to come.
  • Interact with enthusiasts- Above, I mentioned groups pertaining to feet.  It’s important to interact with the groups and be friendly so you can drive traffic to your business’s page. 
  • Have relevant contact info available– It’s extremely important to have links to a website (more about that later) where your photos are on sale. Facebook allows links to social networks of all kinds, and this info has to be pinned in a prominent place on your Facebook business page–it’s the whole point of the page!

2. Instagram

Image via Instagram - #feetpicswanted
Image via Instagram – #feetpicswanted

Instagram is a boss site for selling feet pics. It’s also probably the leading platform for photography, not to mention visuals of all kinds.

It offers both public and private accounts, and that’s key for someone who wants to sell feet pics.

To sell images of your modelesque feet on IG, begin by setting up a dedicated account. 

As with Facebook, it’s not hard to find people with the right interests on Instagram.  It just takes a tiny bit of sleuthing.

If you search for “foot pics,” “feet pics” etc., you’ll at least find foot models and sellers of feet. 

Why do you want to find them? Well, when you see who follows them, you have folks to follow as a way of bringing attention to yourself.

Once you’re set up and settled in, it’s time to get started.  You can now get a good digital camera or a phone that takes high pixel, high dpi shots and get going. 

The photos have to be bright and lovely, and of course you can take advantage of filters and all sorts of effects.

Pictures of feet don’t have to be plain or like something you’d find in an anatomy textbook.

Take photos in lush grass or sand; set up appealing backdrops; make posts about skincare, exfoliation, foot care, fitness, even photography!

Come up with any creative idea that manages to showcase your feet.

3. Selling Feet Pics Online: Why Not Twitter?

Image via Twitter - buying feet pics
Image via Twitter – buying feet pics

Twitter is valuable for any business because of its large audience.  People can take in a large number of tweets in a short period of time, and people on Twitter are pretty game for clicking on links. 

Thus, Twitter is a potent tool for forging connections and driving folks to your site.

As with other networking sites, it’s key to…network.  Follow people who follow similar accounts and like their tweets. Get involved in discussions in a vibrant, friendly way.

Then, when folks comment on your Tweets, interact with them.  People tend to retweet their friends, so some of your tweets can go viral.

Pro tip: using the best hashtags can boost your views, rake in followers, and fetch loads of traffic to your website.

Some good footsie hashtags include #prettyfeet, #sellfeetpics, and #feetpics.

When establishing your Twitter account, as with all forms of social media, don’t forget your sales page link, email addy, and a little slugline hyping your foot pic sales.

4. Snapchat

feet in the sea
Image by Anelya Okapova via Unsplash

Snapchat will give you millions of daily users for both pics and video.  Snapchatt is quite a bit different from Facebook and Twitter in the sense that it’s a bit more commercial. 

That’s because  Snapchat includes a subscription fee.  This allows you, once you have a lot of desirable content, to bring on customers as subscribers. 

You can set your own monthly subscription fees, and many users choose between $10 and $20.  

While it may not be easy to sell subscriptions, the ones you do rack up will be super beneficial.  That’s because your subscribers are paying to view or access your awesome content, not to buy it. 

You hold on to the actual material, which helps control where it may end up spreading to, yet you’re still making that paper.

The “snap” in spapchat refers to how fast content disappears from the platform.  The gimmick of the site is that material just vanishes after 24 hours . 

It’s often thought of a security measure, but it means you may need to replenish content a bit more quickly than on other platforms. 

5. Tik-Tok

 pumpkin painted feet
Image by PaintedFeet01 via Pixabay

What is this crazy Tik-Tok?  Why are there so many video sites? Why so many names to remember?  Well, TikTok is like Snapchat on reverse steroids–it’s all about short videos, from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, often on the very short end of that range. 

TikTok offers TikTok For Business, perfect for people who want to sell feet online.

As with other business profiles, TikTok Business allows you to promote your biz, provides statistics, and gives other key business features for your foot photography endeavor.

6. Reddit

Image via Reddit - Where to sell feet pics
Image via Reddit – Where to sell feet pics

You’ve surely heard of the infamous Reddit.  It’s basically a re-post corner of the web, where people link to things they find interesting, amusing, or controversial.

Reddit readers can then upvote content they think is provocative, and the more content is upvoted, the more it becomes visible.

It’s impossible to think of a kind of content not available on reddit, and you can definitely use it to make money selling feet pics.

You can use this platform to sell pictures of your feet.

Here’s how to sell feet pics online on Reddit:

  • Tease with reddit commons – This part of reddit allows you to post info about the feet pictures you have available. By tantalizing readers, you’ll get more traffic to your account, and again, you’re doing this while not giving away your pics for free.
  • Use SubReddit – These are sub-sections of reddit, small, dedicated groups.  By participating in or posting strategic subreddits, you can monetize your feet pictures. It’s all about community.
  • Utilize Reddit Ads – Reddit affords you the option of creating ad copy that gets to relevant users. 
  • Offer AMAs – AMA is short for “Ask Me Anything.”  Once you get a good set of followers–this is not something to do in your first week–you can make yourself look important by fielding questions and giving fun, genuine answers.  Selling feet pics is often about making a connection.  The potential buyer wants to know who the person is–there has to be a story behind the feet.

Sites Just for…Feet!

Here are some sites just for feet pics.  Some of these sites may be places where you maintain profiles with your feet pics, and this is what you’d link to from Twitter, Facebook, etc.

They give you the obvious advantage of the right niche market.

The best way to sell feet pics is through a site like FeetFinder. Here, you can upload your pics and set your own prices. You can also offer special deals and discounts to buyers, which will help increase your sales. And best of all, you’ll be able to connect with other foot lovers from all over the world.

Other sites that might be of interest are listed below.

1. FeetFinder (recommended)

Image via Feetfinder - sell feet pics
Image via Feetfinder – sell feet pics

No, Feetfinder isn’t a site for people who’ve lost their feet, silly! (It’s an idea, though.)  Feetfinder is a very secure marketplace for selling feet photos.

If you want to sell feet pics online, you could do a lot worse.

A cool thing about Feetfinder is that all the photos you put up are blurred until the point of purchase, giving you top-notch security.  And probably some peace of mind, right?

Instafeet also ensures all sellers and buyers are ID-verified.

The site receives 20% of the intake of your pics, then pays you 80% securely.  True to its name, Feetfinder truly helps users find feet, with all sorts of categories like “shows face,” “nylons” “tattoos” etc.

You don’t want to spend a lot of time posting material that isn’t likely to be seen in the first place, and you want to be able to target folks for the right focus.

2. Feetify

Image via Feetify - sell feet pictures online
Image via Feetify – sell feet pictures online

There couldn’t be many feet-pic-selling websites before one of them got named Feetify, right?  Well, Feetify is a large feet pics sit with a major social component.

People can meet other feet enthusiasts and interact over all things feet.

You can Feetify to your heart’s content!  But, yes, it is a marketplace.

A person signs up for a premium account, $49 for 6 months, which allows one to post videos and pics.  You then post your content, attract users, either commercial or personal, and just go from there.

Prices vary as always, but $10-$100 seems usual.  

Feetify does a really nice job of rewarding some of its innovative providers with rewards: not just little badges or labels, but real cash, in the form of rewards or contest prizes.  Check it out!

3. Instafeet

Image via Instafeet - sell feet pics
Image via Instafeet – sell feet pics

Instafeet is a newer site for feet aficionados on which one can cash in on photos of their feet. Just set up a seller profile and get your pics up.

Potential clients can subscribe to your page and purchase your foot pictures.

To get rocking on Instafeet, post a handful of photos just to get your…feet wet! Ha! You can use any initial feedback you get to decide which sorts of additional pics to post.

From there, you can get a good bunch of subscribers and then start promoting your profile on other social media platforms.

One of the distinctive features of instafeet is that it’s completely private, meaning that your content is never visible to anyone but paid subscribers.

And here’s something else: the subscribers aren’t just randos. This is the place where a lot of stock photography content managers, artists, and creatives go to fulfill their mission of getting the right content for their sites.

 feet with nail painting and toe rings
Image by Footfocus via Pixabay

A lot of times when a service requires a subscription, it draws serious people and serious inquiries only.

It’s different from people trying to just buy a pic or two from time to time with no commitment.

Remember, you’re not selling individual pics, but subscriptions to content.  You do get to set the price of subscriptions, with $10-$15 per month being common. 

It’s a great place to meet serious feet pic collectors who mean business.

And it’s a good way to sell feet pics to professionals for professional use, which can be rewarding.

Go to stock photo site, find your lovely walkers in a field of grass and say, “hey, that’s me!”

4. Dollarfeet

Image via DollarFeet - sell feet pics online
Image via DollarFeet – sell feet pics online

This is a sort of high-class foot-pics website, since one has to apply to be a model.  The website says they’re mostly looking for men or women with “high arches, pink soles, and wide heels.”

Once you get accepted, you then submit either photos or vids or both.  Dollarfeet pays $10 per video. 

But things get really fancy when a customer orders a custom clip with your gorgeous steppers.

You then make many times more. Become an elite foot model with Dollarfeet.

You can take your feet outside of social networking sites and out of sites that cater specifically to feet lookers.  There are many other sites that reach millions.

One key to maximizing your potential is to being aggressive, putting out multiple listings for multiple audiences.

5. Foap

Image via Foap - sell feet pics
Image via Foap – sell feet pics

Foap is a content providing site for brands–when companies need videos and pics for their branding, they can gain these via Foap (the “F” doesn’t stand for “feet,” since it’s an all-purpose site where feet pics are one thing available).

Even though you may not be familiar with this platform, it presently has in excess of 3 million users, giving you a nice, juicy pool of potential customers.  

The site works on the logic of portfolios through which the foot owner can sell individual pics.  Tagging is available and advised.

Here’s something to be very aware of concerning Foap: all of your pics have to sell for the uniform rate of $10, and they take 50% of each sale.

That’s the tradeoff for such a big marketplace.

Other Platforms To Sell Feet Pics Online

1. Etsy

Image via Etsy - feet pics for sale
Image via Etsy – feet pics for sale

Sure, Etsy is a household name, but you may be surprised to learn that this giant in crafts and homemade items has no less than 60 million buyers. 

Again, the reason to turn to some of these giant platforms is just how broad and far their reach is. 

Even if they don’t cater just to the feet niche, online users generally know how to find their little community within a larger community. 

So people will find your pics.

As of now, there are more than 1,600 listings for photos of pheet–uh, feet–on Etsy.

And one neat thing about this online marketplace is that the feet pics tend to fetch rates of more than $10 per, so that’s cool, right?

The legwork to get started isn’t so traumatic–just set up a seller account, get that high-quality phone camera (or other digicam, of course) out and start shootin’.

2. Zazzle

Zazzle’s niche is that it allows people to creatively design their own products like t-shirts, mugs, buttons, stickers, you name it.

But can you also seet pics of your feet on Zazzle? You bet, majorette.  Can you design items so that they contain original pics of your feet? Yes. 

The site gives you the editing tools–think of something like paint or photoshop–to get that design together.  You then finalize things and use keywords and let that cash pile on.

3. eBay

This is a great marketplace, where many potential buyers know what they’re looking for and who won’t stop til they get it.

It can be a place to sell customized pics (be sure to watermark them); to post sets; and to reach folks who may not want to buy a subscription, as in those other marketplaces.

This is a site in which you must be sure to keep your anonymity and to never let any buyers feel that there is some personal relationship between the two of you.

4. Craigslist

Using this enormous, worldwide site can have its pitfalls.  Yeah, there can be some sketchy characters.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully sell feet pics with the list.

When you make a listing include keywords and be clear about what you are or are not offering.  You can set up contact means, such as an e-mail, that doesn’t have your name attached.

Watermarking your photos is a good idea in any case, and especially on craigslist.  If you take a protected approach, you can make some extra cash this way.

Just never give up anonymity or get into any kind of interpersonal relationship with any buyer.

Stock photo sites

Image via Pixabay -feet pics for sale
Image via Pixabay -feet pics for sale

Online magazines and publications of all kinds, including blogs, frequently turn to stock photos.  This is true of the communications of businesses, too.

As we mentioned above, pics of feet are stock photos too.

If you’re going to sell feet pics, going the route of stock photos may be your best bet.  For one, it doesn’t have the baggage of possible fetishes or anything “weird.” 

Another, when stock photo sites accept your photos, you get paid each time someone downloads them.

This means that you don’t have to market pics individually–in fact, you don’t have to market pics at all–and don’t have to manage individual sales to individual customers.

baby feet
Image by Pezibear via Pixabay

Now, you may not like the idea of not being able to market your photos or seek buyers on these sites–it’s a matter of preference.

And while it’s cool to set it and forget it and get a passive income, you’re also competing against other good photographers who may have high-end equipment and great experience.

These are all things to consider when considering placing your foot or feet pics on stock image sites, but it can be a rewarding way of doing things, particularly after you get some experience marketing your photos.

You should look into stock photo sites such as Pixbay, Pexels, Gettyimages, and iStockPhoto.

Another Way to Sell Feet Pics Online: Footcare Blog

Image via Friendlyfootcare - foot care blog home page
Image via Friendlyfootcare – foot care blog home page

Selling your feet pics via your own blog can really build up some good long-term income, but it does require the groundwork. 

There are a few ways to go in the footcare niche.  You could sell pics through a link labeled “media” or “gallery” and people can kind of figure out how this material applies to them.

However, it’s likely that you won’t really be selling the pics themselves, but using them to illustrate your footcare ideas.

This in turn will capture many google searches and in turn allow you to sell ads or otherwise monetize your blog.

However, one thing is for sure: once you get a following through useful information that people want, it’s possible to drive a lot of traffic to other sites you may have (dedicated to foot pics).

Including your social media, which in turn sell pics and link to places where you sell them.

Are You the Next Foot Model?

model showing her feet sole
Image by Footfocus via Pixabay

You’re reading this article for a reason–do you have particularly gorgeous feet?  At the very pinnacle of this whole deal is being an actual foot model.

No, you don’t have to have a great body or a gorgeous face to be a foot model, male or female. You do not.  You’d be specifically and exclusively modeling feet.

It’s something you may build up to after selling pics on your own, perhaps building up a reputation for being able to produce content that sells.

There are modeling agencies just for hands, feet, ears, etc.  Approach them with your best foot forward.

Foot-Friendly Apps For Selling Feet Pics Online

The great thing about the gig economy and any sort of side hustle you might get into is that there are always new technologies coming along to help it.

1. Sell Feet Pics Online with OnlyFans

feet pics
Image via OnlyFans

You’ve probably heard of the slightly infamous OnlyFans, which, yes, has traditionally revolved around adult entertainment.  But can you sell feet pics there? Yes, and it doesn’t have to have sexual overtones.

At the time of this writing, there aren’t a glut of sellers of tootsie pics on OnlyFans, yet there are plenty of buyers.

A site that revolves around people subscribing to a particular creator whom they adore is perfect for this niche.  It can absolutely bring big returns.

Accounts are free, but once you have one, you do have to go through the additional step of requesting monetization.

You have to have an electronic payment service like Venmo, Paypal, etc.  You then set the price for subscriptions.

From there, as with all other social media, you must be sociable.  It’s crucial to interact with all sorts of people in your field.

Once you get subscribers you still have to become personal and personable with subscribers, since selling feet can really be all about personality.

2. Selling Feet Pics Online on Whisper

feet pics
Image by Whisper

Whisper is a truly unique multimedia social networking site.  It’s anonymous, and photos that people post have superimposed over them jokes, captions, comments, even confessions.

The niche that this site may fill for you is its anonymity.  If you’re a bit shy and worried about people getting a bit too aggressive.

Users cannot possibly contact others via private message or any venue other than comments.

Again, when it comes time to discuss purchases with potential customers, take it to an email that you create specifically for this purpose, with no personal info of yours attached to it. 

3. Sell Feet Pics Online with Kik

Kik is one of the newer instant messaging apps.  It’s known to be popular among Gen Zers, but not exclusively. To find potential buyers on Kik, search  for “foot pics” or “feet lover” or “feet pics for sale.” 

From there, it’s time to post that great content. When you do so, use hashtags like “feet” “feet photography,” “self pics” “pics for sale” and you get the idea.

Kik does allow for direct messaging.  Once you’ve negotiated the big sale, accept your money via the oldest payment system still around: Paypal.

4. Tinder

So, you can use this famous site for more than swiping and dating?  Affirmative.  Basically, in place of pictures of your lovely face, go with your lovely feet.

You can include a caption to your images explaining that your pics are for sale, listing your fee, etc.  That way, you won’t (necessarily) get hit on for dates, ha ha! 

Beyond the Feet: Toe Pics

woman feet with nail painting and toe rings
Image by Footfocus via Pixabay

Oh, yes. A lot of folks are all about the cute little toes.  Why shouldn’t they be? Toes have so much character and are often so adorable.

Toe pics are where you really get into digging your toes into the sand, many getting creative with syrup or whipped cream or little things to hold between the toes.

With rare exception, you’ll be barefoot with these sorts of pics.

You really have to pay attention to nail polish (as applicable), toenail neatness and maintenance, and the overall beauty of your feet.

Selling Feet Pics Online in America

Selling feet pics is never illegal.  Therefore, go to the Internet.  You’re there now!!

african american feet
Image by Ramseh Iyer via Unsplash –

But here are some names of a few photocentric agencies, buyers, and sites with places for high-quality, high-definition foot pics:

  • Shutterstock
  • Instagram
  • Alamy
  • Shotzr
  • Crestock
  • Pexels
  • Etsy
  • FeetFinder
  • Instafeet

Also hit up all the major social networking sites.  

Selling Feet Pics Online in Europe

Let’s do a roll call of websites where you can sell your awesome pics in Europe:

  • Pixabay
  • Zazzle
  • iStockphotos
  • Pexels

Have fun with it!

How Much Are Your Feet Worth?

Image by Wokandapix via Pixabay

OK, we’ve taken a look at the basics of feet pics and have overviewed the really good markets.  Now it’s time to start to talk strategy and to get into the nitty-gritty of selling feet pics. Let’s start with pricing.

Generally, the venue will go some distance in determining price.

Why?  Well, places that cater to feet enthusiasts or sites like Onlyfans, which caters to folks who want to follow a specific person enthusiastically will be places to charge more (including subscription rates).

However, some sites that have fewer feet pic sellers on them can be a place to charge quite a bit. Some folks don’t know where to go for feet pics and will be on some of the catch-all sites like eBay, Facebook, or Craigslist.

If you feel that your pics don’t face a large amount of direct competition, you may try to sell higher.

Selling Feet Pics Online: Up to $200 per photo

Image by 16704029 via Pixabay

Naturally, as you get yourself into a position to sell feet pics to brands or magazines or large companies like that, you’ll be able to negotiate prices of more than $200 per photo.

Selling feet pics is probably not a place where you want to try to give people bargains. It’s a niche area and people will often pay slightly larger prices.

Sure, competitive pricing can be an issue up to a point, but saving money is more for buying paper towels or used books, not feet pics.

People like what they like, so your goal is to be that pair of feet, not to win by getting less for your personal pics.

Let’s Play Pro Footsie!

Dali's feet
Image by Dr Zoidberg via Flickr

Here are some more intricate tips and tricks for selling your awesome feet pics online.  

Becoming a Great Photographer for selling feet pics on line

People may approach this field thinking that it’s all about fetishes or people who just like feet a bit too much.  While there may be some truth in this, it’s also the case that quality of photography is key.

As you know, the cell phone you own probably takes some pretty good photos. You’re probably going to want one that takes photos of 48 MP (megapixels), while some of the newer ones, particularly geared toward good photography, go to 64 MP. 

Here are some of the best camera phones as of the beginning of 2022:

Now that you have a good camera, improve your photography skills.  In a fanciest-case scenario, you may take an actual class in photography, like down at the local community college.

This could be useful if you have multiple websites or multiple Instagram accounts and glossy photos are to be a big part of your life.

Image by Wokandapix via Pixabay

However, you may go the route of online photography classes, which have a lot of multimedia content and can be done at your own pace.

Be sure to have some sort of light spilling over the place where your feet will be in the photo; a room with overhead lighting can help, but what’s even better is a sun room or some room with decent windows.

Light coming through white curtains can be lovely.  Just be sure to have quite a bit of lighting–that’s what gives life and vibrancy to photos.

You may invest in some cool “backdrops” for your feet–which technically are under drops–whatever you’re standing on.  Buying little runners or mats can cheaply help you out.

A good pair of sheets can create a really elegant photo, and then there’s grass or cobblestones, ceramic tiles, etc.

Selling Feet Pics Online: Teach Your Feet to Pose

feet on the beach
Image by Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

A lot of what will sell your photos is the exact pose or position your feet are in–how they interact with the camera, basically. 

Turning to yoga can give you a few tips of ways that feet can be at flattering angles and look cool.

Naturally, looking, not just at other feet pics, but mainstream models and catalogues with sandals or socks or nail polish.  Get that all together and you’ll start to make some skrilla with your feet.

Secure your Tootsies

It’s really important to sell feet pictures in a way that is safe and secure, that keeps the integrity of your business intact, and that does not compromise your personal info or personal security.  Here are some tips:

Be anonymous

Don’t get confused. Yes, your Facebook account is probably under your real name. You communicate with friends and family and post real pics of yourself, including your face.

However, selling feet pics is different.  While you can and should use a pseudonym more like BostonJenny (if you’re not really from Boston) and less like zingo67, Jenny shouldn’t be your real first name.

And you should never give your real first, much less last name. 

Even if you have to give info to sign up for the site, make sure while signing up that this is not information that will publicly appear on your account.  Read the instructions carefully.

Selling Feet Pics Online: Don’t give out personal info

 feet in bed  near iphone and ipad
Image by Wokandapix via Pixabay

When interacting, whether it be on Feetify, OnlyFans, Instagram, or any other platform, with users and subscribers, don’t give out personal info.

Now, you may make up a fictional character, like Boston Jenny (maybe you’re from California), and create a persona, like a mother of two who coaches a volleyball team and enjoys thai food.

It’s good for people to be able to make a personal connection, but not with the real you, who is attached to a real phone number and address, etc.  One can’t be too careful.

Watermark those photos

feet with nail painting and toe rings watermark
Image by Footfocus via Pixabay

Watermarks are little imprints on a photo–you see them diagonally in corners of pics, and sometimes near the middle.  They usually say the name of the site the photo originates from or something similar.

Because of this they are expressly designed for keeping pics used without the owner’s permission.

There are quite a few pieces of photo software that will make watermarks–it’s a very accessible item.

In addition to watermarking pics, periodically do a reverse image search with some of your photos to find instances of them being used by other folks.  You can then firmly request these be taken down, then go from there.

Selling Feet Pics, the Ups and Down

Here’s look at some of the great things about selling feet pics, plus some of the not-so-great

feet in a boat cabin
Image by Lucas favre via Unsplash

Ups of Selling Feet Pics

  • The feet are yours.  What is better than using something that we all have–from birth–to make a little money?  You don’t have to spend a penny.  Also, what if you have lovely feet?  It’s a great way to be a model whereas you haven’t been one so far.  Let your feet go out there and be famous while you bear no responsibility whatsoever and can go about your business.
  • The technology is easy.  Ten years ago, you may have needed a camera and some lighting, possibly a scanner.  Now, you need something you probably already have, a smart phone.  The camera on your phone very well may take pictures of a sufficient definition.  And if not, you can still sell pics to individuals–the higher def. photos are more for stock photo sites and anything “professional.”
  • It’s creative Once you get into it, you’ll find that you’ve become a photographer, model, graphic designer, and social media expert.  These things, particularly the most creative aspects, will make you feel better psychologically.

Downs of Selling Feet Pics

  • Privacy issues. In an extreme case, someone could trace a social media account of your feet pics business to your real name.  It’s also possible for unusual people–not the norm–to harass you or ask for something inappropriate.
  • Social stigma. You may tell only a few close friends about this side hustle, since people may talk about you in a way you don’t like.
  • Possible shenanigans with pics.  What you don’t want is for the feet pics to be taken out of context, shared without your consent, or sold without you receiving profits.

How To Sell Feet Pics Online FAQ

henna feet
Image by Jennifer Longaway

Q. Is it illegal to sell pics of your feet

A. It most assuredly isn’t.  Selling feet pics online is perfectly legal.  No one would ask if it’s legal to sell pics of one’s face or one’s car or one’s vacation.  Don’t worry about legality.

Q. Is Instafeet a good place for selling feet pics online

A. Instafeet is a subscription service.  This can be good because one doesn’t have to sell individual pics; on the other hand, you have to get the larger commitment of a subscription.  A seller on Instafeet gets paid twice a month, and they take a 10% commission.

Taking those things into consideration, you can decide whether or not to choose this particular platform.

Q. How much can I get for selling feet pics online?

A. A lot of sites on which folks sell foot pics will get rates of $5 to $10 each.  Some of them have monthly subscriptions that are usually $10 or $20.

To some extent, this depends on what kind of selling you’d like to do.

If you are going to sell pics to large brands, ad agencies, or any similar entity, you’ll probably get $40 or $50 and up for each pic, sometimes in the hundreds.

These photos would be high resolution and in a really good niche, like stock photos, bridal, foot health, footcare, etc.

Q. Where can I sell my feet pics for money?

A. Yes, you can sell pics on many social networking sites, craigslist, sites that cater to feet, like Feetify or Instafeet, and on stock photo sites.

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