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Mikael Söderlindh Net Worth, Earnings And Personal Life

Mikael Söderlindh is the co-founder and co-owner of the company Happy Socks.

As you can probably guess, Happy Socks is a fun, printed socks company that has any sock design you could dream of.

mikael söderlindh net worth
Net Worth 2024:$60 Million
Native Country:United States
Source of Wealth (SOW):Entrepreneurship
Updated:March 12, 2023

He is also an Angel investor with 2 investments. For being a sock guy, you would not believe what Mikael Söderlindh’s net worth is!

Söderlindh’s Background

Mikael Söderlindh has done a good job at keeping his personal life private.

He doesn’t share much about where he was born, where he got his education or what his relationships look like.

Söderlindh keeps things professional, separating his personal and work life healthily.

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We know that Mikael Söderlindh is from Sweden and co-founded the Happy Socks company there.

However, he didn’t stay there and he has moved around a few times.

The only thing known about where he was located is that he had a house in Malibu that he had bought in 2018 for $4.6 million.

His house was huge with sports courts, a spa, pools, and all of this was about a block away from the ocean.

Söderlindh’s Professional Life

Mikael Söderlindh is most known for his work with the Happy Socks company.

This company was started in 2008 by both Söderlindh and Viktor Tell. Together, they started Happy Socks in Sweden to bring “fun and quirky” adult socks, kids’ socks and swim shorts to the market.

Söderlindh complained that the current socks and fashion were boring and monotone, and he wanted to turn them into something fun.

Not only is Söderlindh a co-founder of Happy Socks, but he also takes a sharp turn as he is the co-founder of Knife Aid.

cloudy black
Image via Happy Socks

This start-up was brought to Shark Tank in 2019, and since then has been doing very well.

Söderlindh was also part of a short film meant to bring attention to Happy Socks, called “The Exorsocks.”

This risqué film gained more than 21k views on YouTube and sure got the job done by giving Happy Socks more attention.

As you can see, Söderlindh is a very busy and creative individual. He has the desire to make the world a more fun and colorful space, using his companies to give people a sharp touch of fun in their lives.

Social Media

Söderlindh doesn’t have an Instagram account for himself, though he does have a LinkedIn account.

Instead, you can find both Happy Socks with 757k followers, and Knife Aid with 12k followers on Instagram.

Both of these accounts are very active with many engaging posts that teach people about the products.

Life Lessons

We can learn a lot from Mikeal Söderlindh, even though he doesn’t share much about his personal life online.

Again, Happy Socks was created to bring fun and color into the world. We can use this company as a reminder that even while we are working and making it through life, we can have fun with everything we do.

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We are also reminded to feel free to express who we are, and that we can do so through the clothes (and socks) that we wear.

Nothing has to be boring all the time, we can always add more fun and color to our lives.

Knife Aid was created to bring ease to home cooks’ lives. By making something mundane like cooking easier, we can take it as a lesson to enjoy the small moments in our lives just as much as the big moments.

Finally, Söderlindh gives the reminder that owners of companies should create a fun and positive work environment within their company.

With a good environment, workers are more comfortable coming to the higher-ups for help and problems are better able to be solved.

Mikael Söderlindh’s Net Worth

Now it’s the moment you all have been waiting for: What is Mikael Söderlindh’s net worth?

To find out his net worth, we had to find out some sad news about Happy Socks.

This company was bought out in 2017 by Palamon Capital Partners for $84.5 million.

Söderlindh is no longer the owner of Happy Socks, but he gained a ton of money from this deal that boosted his net worth.

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Knife Aid’s net worth is currently around $2 million. This is thanks to the success Söderlindh and Lickfett (the other co-owner of Knife Aid) had on Shark Tank.

Between just these two companies, Söderlindh’s net worth is estimated at $60 million.

How did Mikael Söderlindh get so rich? The easy answer is that he invested in several companies and was able to have strong success with his partners and on Shark Tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much was happy socks sold for?

Happy Socks was bought by Palamon Capital Partners in 2017 for $84.5 million.

From there, the Happy House was created, which is the new headquarters.

Who invented happy socks?

Happy Socks was founded by Mikeal Söderlindh (an advertising executive) and Viktor Tell (a graphic designer) in 2008.

Why are they called happy socks?

The name “Happy Socks” comes from how Söderlindh wanted to bring more fun and color into the lives of people everywhere.

Both he and Tell felt like socks and fashion were too boring and monotone for their liking, so they wanted to create a company that brought happiness and joy to whoever buys their products.

Where are happy socks manufactured?

Happy Socks products are currently produced in Turkey, Portugal, China and Peru.

It should be acknowledged that the net worth of Mikael Söderlindh is not a matter of public record and the exact number cannot be confirmed.