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Myrla Feria Net Worth

What is Myrla Feria’s net worth?

Myrla Feria is a teacher, leadership coach, and TV speaker. She is famous for her appearance on the thirteenth season of the reality TV show, Married At First Sight.

This TV series covers different couples who agree to get married the very first time they meet.

Wild, right?

Myrla Feria Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$4 Million
Born:June 10, 1986
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:South Texas
Source of Wealth (SOW):Coaching
Updated:March 12, 2023

Myrla’s willingness to get married to someone she just met signifies that she is pretty impulsive.

Chances are you know Myrla Feria is rich and has no problem showing her love for luxury.

But it might surprise you to know just how much this 36-year-old South Texian is worth.

So, let’s look at how rich Myrla Feria is, along with other exciting things about her.

Myrla Feria as a Kid

Myrla Feria was born on the 10th of June, 1986, in South Texas, Houston, United States, and she grew up in the same city.

Myrla’s ethnicity is White American.

According to Myrla’s narration of events, her father died when she was only a kid.

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In a surprising turn of events, he was killed by his wife’s daughter at the time.

Simply put, his stepdaughter killed him.

Myrla’s single mother, Bertha Feria, raised Myrla and her younger sister, Gloria Feria.

Myrla also has a brother, but his name is not exactly disclosed. No doubt, he likes to live under the radar, just like his sister.

Myrla Feria’s Education

Myrla earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas American in 2008.

She also has a Masters in Educational Leadership for Trinity University.

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She is also said to have a degree in Public Administration, Mathematics, and Multilingual Early Childhood Education.

You can say that Myrla loves academic work, seeing how dedicated she is to the educational sector.

Myrla Feria at Home

Myrla Feria keeps her personal information private despite being a reality TV celebrity.

Regardless of the attention, her fans shower on her, her family always comes first.

When Myrla appeared on Married At First Sight 12, she married a fellow contestant named Gil Cuero.

The couple split up two weeks after marriage due to different financial preferences.

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Much isn’t known of the rest of her personal life. Still, we know she has two beautiful daughters from a previous relationship.

She also has an exceptional bond with her brother.

Myrla also enjoys cooking, working out, shopping and travelling around the world.

Myrla Feria’s Work Background

Myrla first worked as a freelance advertising copywriter at a big advertising agency.

She also worked as an account supervisor with another advertising agency.

At San Antonio’s CBS affiliate TV station, KENS-TV, she worked as a writer and producer.

She learnt leadership, public speaking, curriculum design, data analysis, and project management skills.

With these skills, she has motivated many young minds to achieve their goals.

Myrla FeriaSocial Media
Instagram handle:myrla.feria
Instagram followers:75K followers
YouTube handle@myrlaferia10
YouTube subscribers:105 subscribers
TikTok handle@myrlaferia
TikTok likes:57K likes
Facebook handlemyrla.feria
Facebook followers:2K followers
Updated:March 12, 2023

Myrla Feria as a Teacher

Myrla’s teaching career kicked off when she began teaching middle school math and science at a local high school in South Texas.

She later went on to become the principal of an elementary school.

After completing her service as principal, she went into district leadership.

She later became the director of Bilingual Education and district Title 1 Coordinator in Donna Independent School District.

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She has also held the position of an adjunct professor at South Texas College and Dean of Teacher Development at a local university.

Since 2004, the TV star has been part of a non-profit organization called The New Teacher Project (TNTP).

They ensure that children in minority schools get equal access to quality teachers.

Myrla Feria now works as an assistant principal at IDEA Public Schools in McAllen, Texas.

Social Media Activities

Myrla Feria is quite active across various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

Out of all her social media accounts, her Instagram account has the highest number of followers -74.3k.

It also gets the most engagement from her fans around the world.

Most of her social media content reveals her luxurious lifestyle. Once in a while, she makes references to her work in the educational sector.

She also loves to share images and videos of her working out and cooking.

Life Lessons from Myrla Feria

Myrla is an inspiration to younger generations, and there is a lot one could learn from her life.

Although she grew up in a poor environment, she has managed to climb the success ladder and make a life for herself.

Although she grew up poor, Myrla has achieved a lot through hard work, resilience, and patience.

Despite how rough her journey to success has been, Myrla has not for once lost sight of the things that matter.

She maintains a healthy relationship with her family. She also gives back to society by contributing to the educational sector.

Myrla Feria’s Net Worth

Since 2010, Myrla has prospered in leadership training, public speaking, and student coaching.

Most of Myrla Feria’s wealth comes from her career as a professional leadership coach.

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Due to the rapid success of her career, Myrla’s estimated net worth by 2020 was about $4 million.

Myrla’s net worth for 2024 is estimated at [this_year_networth].

As of 2015, public records stated that Myrla Feria earned an annual salary of $70,000 while working as an assistant principal in IDEA Public Schools.

This is 45% higher than the present $48,407 average IDEA Public Schools employees’ annual salary.

Myrla Feria’s Lifestyle

Although many people only came to know Myrla Feria after she became a television star in 2021, she already had a pretty great life before this event.

Myrla now earns over $100,000 each year, bonuses included. It is with a salary like this that she can afford her luxurious lifestyle, at the same time supporting her family.

Isn’t it just amazing all that Maria Feria has achieved in less than 4 decades?

We believe that she deserves nothing but accolades.

Like many celebrities, Myrla has extravagant spending habits. In 2011, she bought a $1.1 million condo in Brooklyn Heights.

She also spends on lavish vacations and shopping sprees at designer stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Myrla Feria Do For a Living?

Myrla Feria works as an assistant principal in IDEA Public Schools. She is also a public speaker leadership coach who encourages many people to become better versions of themselves.

How Much Does Myrla Feria Make in a Year?

Myrla Feria makes over $100k yearly from her career as a leadership coach.

This includes her annual bonuses and other entitlements. Myrla has also been with The New Teachers Project (TNTP) since 2004, which is another source of income.

Where Are Myrla Feria Parents From?

It is pretty unclear where Myra Feria’s parents are from. But it is likely that they originate from Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. This put them in the White Americans ethnic group.

It is noteworthy that the net worth of Myrla Feria is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed with certainty.