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VicBlends Net Worth

Are you aware of the net worth of your favorite celebrities? Most likely not, but that’s alright.

In this article, we have compiled every bit of information we have about VicBlends, including his birthdate, family, academic background, love life, and wealth will all be discussed.

Keep reading to the end to find out.

Vicblends Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$3 Million
Born:April 9, 1999
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Fayetteville, North Carolina
Source of Wealth (SOW):Digital Media
Updated:March 12, 2023

VicBlends’ Early Life and Education

VicBlend’s full name is Victor Fontanez, and he was born on April 9, 1999, under the sign of Aries, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in the United States.

Although Victor hasn’t shared much information about himself online, major online sites claim that his family comprises six people and his father served in the military.

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He is a high school graduate with no college degree. He completed his high school studies at South View.

Victor Antonio Fontanez was particularly remarkable because of his parent’s constant love and care.

Victor has loved trimming hair since he was a young child. Pictures and videos of him delivering or performing his haircut tutorials can be found on his social media accounts.

They consistently provided Victor with all he needed to pursue his goals.

Victor Antonio Fontanez’s Personal Life- Girlfriend and Relationship

The celebrity barber has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after people thanks to his talent and love for the craft.

Victor isn’t afraid to flaunt his relationship with his sweetheart. On his social media pages, he has posted gorgeous photographs and videos of her.

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Victor Fontanez’s girlfriend Kayte Portillo has 25.4K Instagram followers.

She is a Los Angeles native who produces social media content on home, fashion, health, and beauty.

Like her boyfriend, she is a hairstylist.

VicBlends’ Career

VicBlends started cutting hair out of his mother’s garage during high school as a side business.

He attended a barber school before moving to Atlanta. Like any other parent, his parents had doubts about his choice.

However, they are pleased with him because he later demonstrates his character through his deeds.

During the pandemic, he could not bear to trim the hair of the local populace.

Also, using TikTok, he started posting videos there. The entire scenario of having a haircut was quickly altered, and it was raised to a new level by his inspirational content on the subject, in which he offered haircuts to the homeless, teenagers, and the general public.

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He once thought the only thing he could offer the world was a haircut, yet his generous deeds and talent as a barber won him a great deal of reputation and adoration.

VicBlends has styled Lil baby’s hair, Cam reddish’s hair, and that of other celebrities like NLE Choppa, Mozzy, and D’Angelo Russell.

He is currently running an online academy for barbers. The Internet star turned businessman provides a range of content on cutting-edge haircut tips, hints and ideas, social media marketing, and lessons on succeeding in the modern barbering industry.

Social Media

VicBlends is a social media personality with many followings and video views.

His social media pages are buzzing with a huge following, and here is a breakdown of each:

Under the handle @vicblends on Instagram, VicBlends has more than 2 million followers.

Similar to that, he has 1.63 million subscribers on his YouTube account. He has 345K followers on his verified Facebook page.

VicBlendsSocial Media
Instagram handle:vicblends
Instagram followers:2M followers
YouTube handle@vicblends
YouTube subscribers:1M subscribers
TikTok handle@vicblends
TikTok likes:206M likes
Facebook handlevicblendsofficial
Facebook followers:533K followers
Twitter handlevicblends
Twitter followers:45K followers
Updated:March 12, 2023

Victor joined Twitter as VicBlends in April 2019 and currently has 39.9K followers.

The social media star also currently has 13.3 million followers on TikTok.

Life Lessons from VicBlends

VicBlends’ success is one we can all learn from based on how much impact he has had on social media.

First, we can learn that we shouldn’t settle for less. We can see this when Victor refuses to be just an ordinary local barber that gives haircuts to the people in his community.

He saw something more significant in his craft and brought that thing to reality.

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Second, we can learn that we should always believe in our dreams regardless of our limitations and never let anything hold us back.

We can see this in how Vic demonstrated his resilience and kept promoting his craft until he met celebrities willing to allow him to carry out his craft on them.

How Did VicBlends Get Rich (VicBlends’ Net Worth)?

VicBlends’ net worth results from his numerous social media following and his partnership deal with several famous brands.

Some of these brands and social media include:

Tiktok: Advertisers pay a certain sum for each post they make on Victor’s TikTok account, where he has more than 5.2 million followers.

The average follower engagement rate on Victor’s most recent 15 posts is 5%.

Thus, the range of the average estimate of his sponsorship income is from 3 to 4 thousands dollars.

Instagram Sponsorship: Victor would also earn well from sponsorships because he has 782k followers on Instagram.

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Victor’s most recent 15 Instagram photos show that his average estimated sponsorship income ranges from 2 to 4 thousand dollars.

YouTube: In addition to having a sizable following on TikTok, he also has a sizable following on Youtube.

His YouTube channel has 318 thousand subscribers. He can make anywhere between $15k to $250k each year from his videos.

VicBlends also partnered with ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK to debut a new Hispanic equity campaign.

He leverages his influence to support his community through charitable endeavors like Vic Blends Academy, an online program that teaches barbering methods and offers advice for those just breaking into the field.

Hence, after considering all his revenue sources over the years, Victor Antonio Fontanez’s estimated net worth is between $2.5 million to $3 million.

VicBlends’ Net Worth: FAQs

What is Vic Blends’ real name?

VicBlends’ real name is Victor Antonio Fontanez. Although he is commonly known by his nickname VicBlends

What nationality is Vic Blends?

VicBlends is from the United States. He is also from a mixed-racial origin

Who is Vic Blends’ brother?

VicBlends’ brother is Tony Fontanez. He is known as @Ultratony on Instagram.

It should be noted that the net worth of VicBlends is not a matter of public record and the exact number cannot be determined.