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Batsheva Haart Net Worth

What is Batsheva Haart’s net worth?

Batsheva Haart is a lifestyle blogger and social media influencer and reality television star.

She is best known for her role in My Unorthodox Life, a show about the family of her and her siblings. My Unorthodox Life centers around her mother Julia Haart, a model who was once an ultra-orthodox Jew.

Batsheva Haart Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$6 Million
Born:February 27, 1993
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.62 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Monsey, New York
Source of Wealth (SOW):Digital Media
Updated:March 12, 2023

She is also known for her marriage to wealthy realtor Ben Weinstein. Or perhaps he’s known for his marriage to her.

It’s hard to tell. During this wild ride, Batsheva Haart no doubt racked up a pretty good net worth.

Are you excited to know just how much she has raked in? Well, we will not disappoint, so read on to learn Batsheva Haart’s net worth.

Batsheva Haart’s Culinary Arts and Other Arts

Batsheva Haart was born on Feb. 27, 1993, to be immediately known as Julia Haart’s daughter, since her mom was a well-known model.

When it came time for Batsheva to continue her education after high school, she decided to attend the Center for Culinary Arts and earn her Culinary Arts degree.

This is a great way to be cultured and to be sure you’ll always have good meals for yourself and your spouse.

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However, her mother, in addition to being a model, was a fashion designer, and she felt the influence of that too.

Thus, Batsheva Haart’s education continued at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Learning both cooking and fashion design is something not very many people can lay claim to.

Somewhere in there, Haart also graduated from the Capri School of Hair to show her incredible versatility and the breadth of her knowledge.

One imagines there’s an honest living in there somewhere.

Marriage to Ben Weinstein

During her high school years, Batsheva met Ben Weinstein, about whom little is known.

However, the two are roughly the same age, and dated for a couple of years and got married when Batsheva was at the tender age of 19.

As you can see, Batsheva continued her education after her marriage.

The two continued together for nearly a decade without children, each spending the time to find themselves and to grow into adulthood.

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However, in 2021, the two split. They put out statements to the media explaining that the divorce was friendly. And that there were no scandals that led up to it.

The two humbly suggested that they had just grown apart, which is bound to happen when two people get married so young.

Personalities will definitely change during those formative years. For that reason, both participants in the marriage and divorce said they wouldn’t recommend marrying young.

They emphasized that there was no bitterness in this advice, just that it’s not a good idea.

After the divorce, Batsheva emphasized that she was using dating apps and was meeting a lot of people.

She seems to have bounced back effortlessly from the demise of her marriage and to be embracing her status as an eligible young bachelorette, who’s only 29, after a decade’s-long marriage.

Batsheva HaartSocial Media
Instagram handle:batshevahaart
Instagram followers:560K followers
YouTube handle@batshevahaart3140
YouTube subscribers:7K subscribers
TikTok handle@bathshevahart
TikTok likes:38M likes
Twitter handleBatshevaHaart
Updated:March 12, 2023

In Her Mom’s Reality Show

Batsheva Haart grew up in a family that featured a mother who was, if not quite famous, at least successful and respected in her profession.

Her mother, Julia Haart, was a model but also worked her way up to the lofty position of CEO of Elite World Group. Elite World Group is the parent company of the famous modeling agency Elite Model Management.

Julia had been raised as an Orthodox Jew, meaning a very strict lifestyle with guidelines far different from those of most people, and even non-Orthodox Jews.

Well, in the late 20-teens, she was approached to do a reality show. In 2021, that show, “My Unorthodox Life” premiered.

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It featured Julia and her daughters, Batsheva and Miriam, and her sons Shlomo and Aron Hendler.

Also included was Julia’s current husband Silvio Scaglia.

One of the things captured on the reality series was the issues Batsheva and Ben were having, including the usual family dramas.

At one point Ben took Batsheva to a “rage room.”

The show got some good critical reviews, but wasn’t terribly popular. However, it has been reviewed for a second season, although by Fall of 2022, the release date for new episodes still hasn’t been named.


Like most people who are in the public eye for no discernible reason, Batsheva opened a tik-tok account to post very short, substance-free videos.

She has 1.4 million followers, which isn’t bad. Maybe one day she’ll post videos of tasty dishes she’s prepared.

Batsheva Haart Net Worth

Batsheva was born into money, is pretty, and married a rich, handsome person.

So, what is Batsheva Haart’s net worth? Through the particular voodoo of social media influencers, celebutantes, etc., she has amassed a net worth of $6 million.

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One hopes she’ll give a lot of those funds to worthy charities.

Batsheva Haart FAQ

Is Batsheva still married to Ben?

If you are asking this question after the fall of 2021 the answer is no! That is when the two announced they were amicably splitting up, haven’t gotten married at 19.

What does Batsheva Weinstein do?

Well, we know she has her hands full producing six-second tik-tok videos and posting pics on Instagram. That takes a lot out of one. Other than that, she’s reportedly a fashion designer.

What does Binyamin Weinstein do for a living?

Binyamin–or Ben–Weinstein seems to be a realtor. It isn’t especially easy to find information on him, but for the time being, that seems to be his chosen profession.

It is noteworthy that the net worth of Batsheva Haart is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed with certainty.