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It is one thing to simply give up something to save money, and we might cover ideas about the best ways to do that from time to time. But that can involve actually reducing your lifestyle to some extent. On the other hand, when you still get all the things you need and want, but spend less for them, you actually increase the net spending power that you have.

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Money, after all, is only as valuable as what it can be traded for, and if you can trade it for more you have become wealthier. If you learn how to buy a car for $1,000 less, for example, you have a car and whatever else that $1,000 is used for. You have effectively learned how to add a $1,000 to your spending power, without the trouble of getting another job or working to generate more profit from your business or investments.

Of course, as a way of effectively increasing your income saving money has its limits. If you find a way to get everything you buy for half-price, which isn't likely, you might have doubled your buying power, but that's about it. Making more money has unlimited potential. So the website will still focus on making money, but the pages of this section will complement that goal with ways to make that money worth more.

The Pages

How to Spend More and Be Financially Secure - It's not about pinching pennies, but about how you arrange your expenses.

Spend Less to Make More - A fuller explanation of the idea of saving money as a way to increase the value of your income.

Radical Ways to Cut Your Cost of Living - Four fairly extreme measures are looked at, and we start with the big stuff.

Be a Frugal Opportunist - You can't always get what you need, but if you try sometimes, you'll get what you need.

Money Ideas - Repurposing things to spend less is one of the topics in this small collection of thoughts and advice.

Mental Accounting - This concept from the science of behavioral economics is abnout how we choose to think about different "kinds" of money and how that can affect our financial decisions.

A Few Radical Money Moves - Getting rid of you car and setting aside half of your net after-tax income are a couple of the possibilities explored here.

Ways to Reduce Costs in Your Business - A dollar less spent on expenses goes straight to the bottom line (unless the cut affects sales).

Ways to Reduce Labor Costs - Fortunately it doesn't have to mean firing anyone.

Reduce Overhead Costs - This means more profit, but also greater financial security for your business.

Behavioral Economics - The surprising results of this experiment don't exactly suggest a way to save money, but they do point out how context determines our actions -- and that includes our financial decisions.

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