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Annissa Essaibi George Net Worth, Career, Earnings and More

What is Annissa Essaibi George’s net worth? Who is she? We are going to look into these questions throughout this writing.

Annissa Essaibi George net worth
Net Worth 2024:$3 Million
Born:December 12, 1973
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.77 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Boston, Massachusetts
Source of Wealth (SOW):Politics
Updated:August 8, 2023

Who Is Annissa Essaibi George, In Reality?

When exploring Annissa Essaibi George’s net worth, there are complications to consider. It is hard to see how political neutrality led to her becoming the president and CEO of Big Sister Boston.

In 2020, sitting president and CEO of Big Sister Boston said: “. . . We are. . . anti-racist. We are allies and co-conspirators. . . Black lives matter. . . training and education are part of the solution, but they are not the whole picture. We don’t want to simply stand with communities of color, but stand in them and be the change. . .”

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Annissa gained appointment two years after the quoted statement. Being anti-racist is excellent. Alignment with BLM, or Black Lives Matter, is something else.

Marxism underpins the BLM agenda, read about it here. For Annissa to lead an organization advocating Marxism is no triviality.

Even so, Annissa presents herself as a moderate.

Annissa in the Early Years describes Annissa Essaibi George as a first-generation American. Father Ezzeddine and mother Barbara met in Paris during college.

They immigrated. Barbara was born in Germany to Polish parents. Those parents lived in a camp. The camp was for displaced persons.

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Her father came from Tunisia, emigrating in 1972. Anissa was born in Boston in 1973.

Annissa and siblings reportedly were raised Catholic like their mother. Her father was a practicing Muslim. How could he be a practicing Muslim with any legitimacy? Qur’an 2:221 says: “And do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. . .”. In contrast, the Bible says something else in 2 Corinthians 6, 14. The Bible says: “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. . .”

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Both faiths are exclusionary. More likely, neither was of importance in Annissa’s childhood home. Both were cultural.

They would become political bargaining chips. These are details of importance.

Cultural political affiliations can be wealth indicators.

Exploring Annissa’s Educational Pedigree

Annissa did graduate high school. She attended Boston Technical High School, then Bentley College. She transferred to Boston University, majoring in political science. Explore her education here.

Political science is no wealth generator. Given Annissa’s net worth, her educational pedigree is questionable. She graduated, then worked at the Boston Private Industry Counsel.

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She finally attained a Master’s Degree in education. She got it from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She would turn this degree into a thirteen year education career.

She taught at East Boston High School between 2001 and 2014.

Becoming a Boston City Council Member

It was not until 2015 that she actually won an election for city council. Affiliated with the DNC, she failed to win the vote in 2013.

After 2015, she maintained her position as a city council member at-large. Marty Walsh was the Democrat mayor of Boston until 2021. Annissa knew Mayor Walsh from childhood.

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While on city council, she pushed for sharps waste disposal. Such infrastructure enables junkies. Additionally she went after local Canadian Geese. Annissa felt they left too many droppings.

There were allegations she used her power to prevent building. A new structure would have hidden the view of a building constructed by her husband.

Situations like these were a thorn in Annissa’s side during the 2021 mayoral bid.

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She did not become mayor, and turned back to substitute teaching in 2022. Such a career can’t cover costs in a multi-million dollar household.

In Boston, average substitute teacher salaries in 2022 were $26,300 per year. A mayoral campaign is not cheap. City council salaries are minimal.

How is Annissa valued at millions?

The Home Life of Annissa Essaibi George

Annissa Essaibi has four sons with Doug George. Three are triplets. She also owns and founded a shop in Dorchester, called Stitch House of Dorchester, a Boston neighborhood.

Stitch House sells yarn and associated items.

Can a thirteen-year career as a school teacher cover debt from a Master’s degree? With four sons making a household and a store to run, Annissa being a substitute for $26k+ a year is questionable.

There is a possibility this was a political move more than anything else.

Professional Accomplishments of Annissa Essaibi George

Annissa Essaibi George has a laundry list of accomplishments. She attained collegiate degrees. She served as a student services liaison at the Boston Private Industry Council.

Annissa married a real estate developer. She has run a business many years.

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She got on the Boston City Council. She was behind Michael F. Flaherty, Michelle Wu, and Ayanna Presley in the vote. Michelle Wu would become mayor.

This Boston Globe article has details why her campaign approach resonated. There was police controversy. In reference to Boston police departments’ budget, Annissa is a known advocate.

Annissa began substitute teaching after losing the mayoral election. During this period, leadership at Big Sister chose her to be president and CEO.

A Look at Annissa’s Social Media

The Facebook of Annissa Essaibi George is full of endorsements. One endorsement is for the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.

Her page is personal, but full of women’s rights endorsements. She has a public page for mayoral ambitions with 10k+ followers.

That page follows DNC talking points involving equity. Her Instagram account is private, but has 5,200+ followers.

Annissa Essaibi GeorgeSocial Media
Instagram handle:annissaforbos
Instagram followers:5K followers
YouTube handle@annissaessaibigeorge2865
YouTube subscribers:97 subscribers
Facebook handleAnnissaForBos
Facebook followers:10K followers
Twitter handleAnnissaForBos
Twitter followers:16K followers
Updated:August 8, 2023

Takeaways From the Life Arc of Annissa

Annissa’s mother may have had humble beginnings. Even so, she met Annissa’s father studying in Paris, then moved to Boston.

Boston has always been pricey. So Annissa’s family had resources, after immigrating. Her collegiate career demonstrates access to resources.

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She married into money by taking the George name. Doug George is a prominent real estate developer. Annissa has a steady supply of campaign financing, likely as a result.

Did college debt and an educational degree produce capital? Did it produce enough capital for a brick-and-mortar store in Boston?

Or, has Annissa plugged herself into the liberal political elite of the city?

Annissa Essaibi George’s Net Worth

So how rich is Annissa Essaibi George? Back in 2021, the husband of Annissa Essaibi George, Doug George, had a base net worth of $4 million. That number is the value of a single property he owned in 2021.

If her husband is worth $4 million, does she have no access to that wealth? Are they separated? No evidence indicates as much.

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Where is the money Annissa Essaibi George is making actually coming from?

Stitch House of Dorchester is open seven days a week, for 46 hours. Let’s put it all together.

Subbing full time, Annissa would work 5 days per school week. She presides over a Big Sister program. She is active in a political sense.

She runs a successful business. How does she do all these things every week? At the very least, there must be employees at her business.

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There must be at least one manager. Being conservative, a staff of five at $30k+ a year, and $60k a year for their manager, is $210k+ a year.

Reviews of this business go back to at least 2008, which is over 15 years. That is $3.1 million dollars in employee costs alone.

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Is Stitch House so profitable? When sites note Annissa Essaibi George’s net worth is $3 million, one must wonder. Such estimates do not account for all factors that make up Annissa Essaibi George’s net worth.

Detailed examination of information indicates an Annissa Essaibi George’s net worth of around $3 million, though it might be higher, considering the value of her business.

Annissa Essaibi George’s Net Worth FAQs:

Is Anissa George a Democrat or Republican?

Annissa George presents herself as moderate. She has distanced herself from Donald Trump, and ran as a democrat to get on the city council. Disliking geese droppings and favoring police funding aren’t enough to make Annissa conservative.

Who is Annissa George’s husband?

Boston real estate developer Douglas George is Annissa Essaibi George’s husband.

What is Annissa Essaibi George’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Annissa Essaibi George’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. Annissa George achieved prosperity through her business and career as city councilor.

It is noteworthy that the net worth of Annissa Essaibi George is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed with certainty.