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Hunter Lee Soik Net Worth, Income, Career, Age, Personal Life

Hunter Lee Soik is a famous tech entrepreneur. According to some, he’s also the inspiration for an Inventing Anna character; and he once attempted to build a database of dreams. With all this fascinating stuff, you want to know Hunter Lee Soik’s net worth?

Hunter Lee Soik net worth
Net Worth 2024:$8 Million
Born:November 20, 1981
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.79 m)
Native Country:South Korea
Place of Birth:Seoul
Source of Wealth (SOW):Entrepreneurship
Updated:May 1, 2023

Well, we’d want that too if we didn’t already know. Will the answer shock you?

We just don’t know you that well, partner. But along the way, there are plenty of twists and turns.

Who is Hunter Lee Soik?

Hunter does so many different things and is so hard to define that we want to, um, define him.

Basically, he’s one of those tech people who doesn’t seem to have a job, but who has a lot of money and who has experience.

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Because his LinkedIn bio seems to be a creative writing exercise, it’s hard to go by that.

We do know, however, that he has done a lot of production work in show business, which isn’t really “tech,” but let’s not worry.

He worked as a “creative consultant” on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne” Tour in 2011.

Around that time, he got a job in production with Sony Pictures Entertainment, which lasted the year of 2002. He also worked as a set production assistant at Paramount Pictures.

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With that good gig on his resume, he landed a job with the Walt Disney Company.

Up until this point, it’s unclear what sort of production and consultation duties Hunter has had.

We just know that he knew how to get jobs at major companies. From there, he served as an Innovation Consultant for Lipman.

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Somewhere in there, he began dating Anna Delvey, who he thought was a New York Socialite.

We now know her as an imposter and scam artist. When he became her ex-boyfriend, he kind of disappeared, calling himself a futurist and entrepreneur, but also residing behind a veil of secrecy.

Read on to see his past and all the things we do know.

Hunter Lee Soik’s Education, Young Life

Well, the Hunter Lee Soik biography begins in Seoul, South Korea on Nov. 20, 1981.

Yes, one of those darn Millennials. Now, you’d guess a bright young man like him would enroll in a prestigious college or university.

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Rather, he moved across the Pacific to California. One rumor is that he tried his hand at professional skateboarding.

He is said to have played a role in a Coca-Cola TV ad. But he did eventually find the hallways of higher education, at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.

Shadow Wants Your Dreams

As if skateboarding and learning photography weren’t keeping Hunter busy enough, he started spending a lot of time reading up on dreams.

He started learning more about Freud and wondering how much we can learn about ourselves if we had a database of what people dream about.

Therefore, he set about to develop an app he called Shadow. The company he started bore the same name.

It was unclear how one might collect dreams, and people who donated to the company’s Kickstarter probably thought it involved state-of-the-art technology.

So many brave souls donated, sending in $83,000 for the venture.

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Contributing to a dream database might be cool, but it wasn’t to be. Soik hadn’t created a database at all.

The little alarm clock app he’d invented was just a clock with a voice recorder.

When it went off, it would alert users to record their dreams. For themselves.

Hunter Lee Soik jumped ship in 2016. It is then that his career path starts to look murky.

He has called himself Interim Chief Operating Officer of TRADE X, which is an automotive trading platform.

Who knows if that’s true?

Anna Delvey/Anna Sirokin

Around 2018, this shadowy businessman began dating another shadowy figure named Anna Delvey.

She passed herself as a New York socialite from a family with old money. However, she was actually Anna Sirokin, a Russian-born con artist.

Ana Delvey - Sorokin
Image via Instagram – Ana Delvey – Sorokin

She tricked many banks into giving her loans with no collateral by showing them fraudulent trust-fund paperwork, etc.

The two of them broke up, and their story seemed over. However, in 2022, Netflix began airing a series called Inventing Anna.

It told Anna’s story, and it changed the names of many of the innocent parties.

That prompted speculation as to the identity of Chase Sikorski, who is also called “The Futurist.”

It soon became clear that this character had to be Hunter Lee Soik. The Futurist title seems to come from his dream app and a Ted Talk he gave around that time.

Fast Facts on Hunter Lee Soik

Hunter Lee Soik’s age is, at present, [this_yer_age]. He was born in 1981.

Hunter Lee Soik’s current girlfriend is unknown. He’s probably back in the saddle but must have trust issues, as the ex-boyfriend of Anna Sorokin.

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He is thought to live in New York City, but he’s so cagy that we don’t know that for sure.

He is a social media influencer. How could he not be, right?

Hunter Lee Soik’s Modest Social Following

Hunter Lee Soik has a relatively modest following on social media platforms. With 66K followers on Instagram, he has a decent reach on the platform, although not a massive one.

Similarly, his YouTube channel has only 19 subscribers, which is a relatively small number compared to many other content creators on the platform.

On Facebook, Soik has 5K followers, which is again a relatively small number, but not insignificant. His Twitter following is even smaller, with only 1K followers.

Hunter Lee SoikSocial Media
Instagram handle:hunterleesoik
Instagram followers:66K followers
YouTube handle@hunterleeSoik
YouTube subscribers:19 subscribers
Facebook handlehunterleesoik
Facebook followers:5K followers
Twitter handlehunterleesoik
Twitter followers:1K followers
Updated:May 1, 2023

Hunter Lee Soik’s net worth

Basically, Hunter gets out when the gettin’s good and bounces around from company to company, weird idea to weird idea, and investment to investment.

A guy like that is always going to find a way to have money without doing much work.

Therefore, estimates that Hunter’s net worth is as high as $8 million are completely plausible.

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But the net worth of Hunter Lee Soik will always be in some doubt. He lists a lot of phony-sounding jobs on his resume and takes credit for things that are beyond his experience.

Through his Ted Talks and other means, he has been able to make himself look more experienced and authoritative than his actual results would.

He seems to like getting funding more than providing results, so it seems clear that we’ll be hearing from him in the future, and hopefully, he delivers something real at some point.

Hunter Lee Soik FAQs

What is Hunter Lee Soik’s net worth?

As of 2024, Hunter Lee Soik’s net worth is estimated at $8 million. Hunter Lee Soik made his money through various creative ventures.

It is important to mention that the exact net worth of Hunter Lee Soik is not publicly available and cannot be confirmed.