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Fred Loya Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Family, Income & More

Fred Loya is an auto insurance entrepreneur. He owns Fred Loya Insurance Company and the Loya Insurance Group in El Paso, Texas. What’s Fred Loya’s net worth?

Fred Loya net worth
Net Worth 2024:$500 Million
Native Country:United States
Source of Wealth (SOW):Insurance
Updated:March 13, 2023

His agencies appear in chain businesses like Liborio Supermarkets, Fiesta Whole Food, Wal-Mart Supercenters and so on.

He has made a mint with this business, and we’ll report his net worth below.

Be the first on your block to have the inside scoop on the insurance icon, Fred Loya.

Loya Casualty Insurance Company

Fred Loya’s net worth comes from Loya Casualty Insurance Company. This is a Hispanic 500 car insurance company headquartered in Texas.

It has nearly 6,000 employees in 700 offices. Its locations are California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and other states.

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Most of them are in the Southwest of the United States, though Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio are in the north midwest of the country (for our non-American fans).

Fred Loya started the company in 1974. People can buy liability and personal injury protection and vehicle insurance through this company, paying about a fifth of their wages to do so.

There’s a reason insurance salesmen do so well, and it’s not by making their customers actually feel secure.

It’s all about that paper, baby.

Fred Loya Social Media

Fred LoyaSocial Media
Instagram handle:fred_loya_insurance
Instagram followers:482 followers
YouTube handle@FredLoyaIns
YouTube subscribers:1K subscribers
Facebook handlefredloya
Facebook followers:3K followers
Twitter handlefredloyains
Twitter followers:207 followers
Updated:March 13, 2023

Fred Loya participates in all social media. Forty or fifty years ago, the world didn’t have any social media, so the use of social media wasn’t something that business people like Fred Loya would have to worry about.

However, if you’re asking how did Fred Loya get rich, perhaps it has to do with his social media.

For example, his YouTube page, FredLoyaIns, has quite a few videos of cars and people.

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In fact, one Fred Loya video is a story on a local news channel about Fred Loya Insurance hiring people.

Fred Loya Insurance Company building

It’s unclear how that’s a news story, but that gives some insights into Loya’s wealth.

If you know how to get that kind of free publicity, you’re going to do well.

He even had his lawyer on it, saying they were hiring lawyers. How cool is that?

No wonder his YouTube page has 1.88K subscribers.

Fred Loya’s Instagram account has 482 followers; his Twitter account has 207 followers; and Facebook 2K.

But that’s for a guy who sells insurance. They follow him because he’s famous, and the virtuous cycle will only continue.

Fred Loya Net Worth

Friends, Fred Loya’s net worth is over $500 million. If you’re not selling insurance, that’s your takeaway–start selling insurance.

The government makes it required! Make money from something people are forced to do.

You will be called a job creator. But you do have to stick with it. Remember, our boy Fred has had his businesses since 1974.

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You have to know he’s still building, and maybe one day there will be a Fred Loya Insurance in every state.

Or, you could figure out how to sell insurance insurance, for the times when the insurance company won’t pay out.

There are so many ideas out there.

Fred Loya FAQ

Who Owns Fred Loya?

Fred Loya is a person who owns a large car insurance group. He is not owned by anyone.

He’s probably not even taking offers.

How many locations does Fred Loya have?

Fred Loya has a fantastic 700 locations in the U. S. Most are in the Southwest, but he has offices in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

Does Fred Loya have full coverage?

One of the options offered by the Fred Loya Auto Insurance group is full coverage.

Does Fred Loya have an app?

While as of March 2023, Fred Loya Insurance doesn’t have an app, his website provides timely quotes on insurance.

Fred Loya’s net worth

As of 2024, Fred Loya’s net worth is estimated at $500 million. Fred Loya became rich through his ownership of an insurance company.

It is important to bring attention to the fact that the net worth of Fred Loya is not publicly available and the specific amount cannot be determined.