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Attorney King Net Worth, Personal Life, Income, Age and More

Attorney King Aminpour is a car accident lawyer in the great cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. But what is Attorney King’s net worth?

Attorney King Aminpour net worth
Net Worth 2024:$4.5 Million
Native Country:United States
Source of Wealth (SOW):Legal Services
Updated:March 10, 2023

He’s been helping his clients win their settlements for decades. He is making money on all of his car accident cases, and Attorney King Aminpour’s net worth is the topic of this article.

Early Life

Attorney King Aminpour was born in Los Angeles in 1978 and grew up in the City of Angels.

He stands five feet ten inches and 165 pounds (75 kg). He was very bright as a child.

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Want proof? He started college at only 11 years of age and completed law school at the age of 19!

Now that’s a lawyer for you. He’s so modest that King Aminpour barely mentions this, except at the top of his website.

Professional Life

After law school, Attorney King Aminpour decided to become a car accident attorney, which is an attorney that works with accident victims on their car accident cases.

For this, he would need a law firm, and he started one accordingly. Today he works in both Los Angeles and San Diego, standing up for the little guy and fighting for justice for car accident victims.

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Sometimes the insurance companies won’t pay, and someone needs to make them pay.

Don’t take the law into your own hands–take them to court.

How Does He Do it?

There’s no doubt that Attorney King Aminpur has helped his 17,000 clients reach settlements that amount to millions of dollars collectively.

So how did Attorney King get so wealthy? Well, let’s take a look at one of his commercials.

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In it we see a middle-aged man with a long handlebar mustache and a black “leather” jacket relating how Attorney King Aminpour got him a settlement of $500,000.

Then comes Attorney King with a big smile, giving his easy-to-remember phone number.

There’s no doubt that having an easy-to-remember phone number is one of the secrets to success.

A Million Meals

Even in an affluent area like San Diego, there are some people who suffer from hunger.

Imagine living in a sunny area with rich people and their Lexuses and not even being able to afford food.

Some people who work very hard aren’t compensated fairly and are in need of food for themselves and their children.

This is a problem that Attorney King Aminpour recognizes and works on.

Attorney KingSocial Media
Instagram handle:attorneyking
Instagram followers:666K followers
YouTube handle@kingaminpour5219
YouTube subscribers:326 subscribers
Facebook handlekingaminpourcaraccidentlawyersandiego
Facebook followers:20K followers
Twitter handlekingaminpour1
Twitter followers:884 followers
Updated:March 10, 2023

He has a wonderful project called “One Million Meals” that aims to bring a million meals to the needy in the San Diego area.

And that’s in one year. He works with a great organization called Feeding San Diego to give meals to food-insecure families in that metro area.

If you wanted a lawyer to help you with injuries and knew that attorney was interested in feeding the needy, wouldn’t that be a significant endorsement?

Therefore, giving back to the community–besides being the right thing to do–could help a person’s business.

Attorney King’s Net Worth

So how rich is Attorney King? If you’re a lawyer, net worth is very important.

While he has a million-dollar smile, Lawyer King’s net worth is even higher than that, tipping the scales at $4.5 million.

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When someone has been injured, their medical bills are going to really pile up.

It is very stressful to have bills that one can’t pay and there’s no doubt that insurance companies try to profit by refusing to pay for a person’s injuries.

In that environment, it’s easy for someone like Lawyer King to come to the rescue and get huge settlements.

Huge settlements equal huge fees for him and for his staff. If you’re looking for a way to make money, being an accident lawyer is definitely one great option.

Attorney King Aminpour FAQs

What age did Attorney King go to college?

Attorney King Aminpour went to college at the tender age of 11. That shows how good a lawyer he is.

When did Attorney King graduate college?

Attorney King Aminpour graduated from college at some point in the 1980s. He then finished law school when he was 19, which would’ve been approximately 1997.

What is Attorney King’s net worth?

As of 2024, Attorney King’s net worth is estimated at $4.5 million. Attorney King Aminpour acquired wealth through his successful legal practice.

It is important to note that the net worth of Attorney King is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed.