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Louie A. Ruelas Net Worth, Career, Bio, Personal Life and More

Louie A. Ruelas is part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) family, the better half of Teresa Guidice and a very charming presence on the show. But what is Louie A. Ruelas’ Net Worth?

Louie A. Ruellas net worth
Net Worth 2024:$2 Million
Born:April 23, 1975
Height:16 ft 9 in (5.11 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Allendale, Bergen county, New Jersey
Source of Wealth (SOW):Unknown
Updated:March 13, 2023

Before the show he was a VP for a successful digital marketing company. So how much has Louie socked away?

What is Louie A. Ruelas’ net worth? And how did he get there? Read on.

Louie Ruelas on Real Housewives of New Jersey

Louie made his first appearance on RHONJ on May 5, 2021, and he was kind of the star of the show.

The episode’s title was “Teresa’s Mystery Man,” and we’ll give you one guess as to who that man turned out to be.

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Here, the world got to meet Louie. That episode was near the end of the season, so most of Louie came in Seasons 12 and 13, with 13 being the latest one produced.

Louie seems to have blended in for the most part. He’s warm and outgoing and though quiet, not without a sense of humor.

But on this show, a quiet person is a nice change of pace, so good job to Louie.

Early Life

Luis “Louie” Ruelas was born in New York on Apr. 23, 1975. His parents are Iris and Luis Ruelas, Sr.

His sisters are Veronica and Jennifer, and they all grew up in New York City.

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There, Louie became a high school graduate in 1992, the year grunge ruled. The economy was starting to rebound from a brief recession, and the U.S. was winding up the Gulf War agaisnt Iraq.

Louie A. Ruelas’ Net Worth: The Career of Louie

Back in those days, you didn’t make career plans revolving around reality TV.

So how is Louie A. Ruelas so rich? Well, business. He chose advertising as his pathway to a very respectable net worth, and landed a plumb assignment with Interactive Marketing Solutions in Clearwater, FL.

Louie must have thrown his all into it, as he quickly rose to level of CEO in 2010.

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In that position, he developed leadership skills and a good sense of how to serve at the helm of an advertising agency.

He then formed a group and, in 2012, became a co-founder of Digitial Media Solutions Group.

Louie A. RuelasSocial Media
Instagram handle:louiearuelas
Instagram followers:126K followers
Facebook handlelouie.ruelas.5
Updated:March 13, 2023

What was Ruelas position? CEO? CE-not quite. Instead he was the Executive Vice President for Business Development.

You’re going to be bringing in the dough at that point, traveling in those fast circles that will bring you to the attention of a real–and I mean real–housewife of New Jersey.

Ironically, he met Louie on the Jersey shore–not the show but the actual shore. He apparently gave her his business card. Right on the beach! That crazy Louie!

Louie Ruelas Now

On Aug. 6, 2022, Louie Ruelas married Teresa Giudice in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

Even before their wedding, the two of them bought an amazing. $2 million mansion in Montville Township.

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Now, only so many houses are built to replicate famous paintings, and this is one of them. Specifically, it’s modeled upon the painting “Beyond Summer Gate” by Thomas Kinkade.

The happy couple hasn’t had a child together yet–hard to know if they’re going to–and let’s not pry.

But Louie Ruelas is definitely the proud father of two sons, Nicholas and Louie Jr., from his first marriage, to his high school sweetheart.

Louie A. Ruelas Gives it Away

When looking at Louie A. Ruelas’ fancy net worth, you can’t say the man doesn’t give back to the community.

For example, in 2020, his company organized a food drive that succeeded in feeding more than 300 families in Harlem.

He also works with organizations fighting homelessness.

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So much of the community goes into a person’s success–the education system that nutures the workforce, the shipping infrastructure, the IT infrastructure, even the transportation systems that allow employees to get to work.

That’s why it’s important to give back to your local community as you achieve success in business.

Louie A. Ruelas’ Net Worth

Here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Louie A. Ruelas’ net worth comes out to $2 million, and that’s not counting the equity in the mansion he owns with his wife.

You don’t get to be a CEO or an executive vice pres or co-founder of a successful firm and not have some money to have a good time with.

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In any case, he didn’t inherit money or all the connections to step into a life of luxury.

He worked his way up, proving that such a concept still exists. He also proves that not all Gen Xers are lazy and unmotivated.

It takes some work ethic and ambition to start a firm, which is just what Louie did with a group of associates.

Louie A. Ruelas FAQ

What does Luis Ruelas do for a living?

When not appearing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Luis Ruelas is an executive with Digital Media Solutions group.

How much is Louie A. Ruelas worth?

The official total for Louis Ruelas’ 2024 net worth is $2 million. We know he and his wife, Teresa Giudice, like expensive things, so he’ll probably acquire a lot more material wealth before long.

How many children does Louie Ruelas have?

Louis Ruelas has two biological sons, Nicholas and Louie, Jr. , in addition to four step-daughters, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana.

Does Luis Ruelas have a special needs son?

Yes, Luis Ruelas’ son, Nicholas, is autistic. Luis is an advocate for special needs children.

How much is Louie A. Ruelas’ Net Worth?

As of 2024, Louie A. Ruelas’ net worth is estimated at $2 million. Louie A. Ruelas acquired wealth through his success as a marketing consultant.

Please note that the net worth of Louie A. Ruelas is not publicly disclosed and the exact amount cannot be confirmed.